7 Essentials to Pack for Hospice Care

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Moving into hospice care in jersey shore can be a challenging time for patients and their families, but knowing what to bring can help make this transition easier. Here’s a basic guide from the team at our hospice in South Jersey.

  1. All current medication. This includes medicines, treatment creams, medical inhalers, eye drops, and any medical equipment, including a walker, unless supplied by the hospice.
  2. Comfortable clothing. Three to four pairs of pajamas, a night gown, socks, slippers and a bed jacket or sweater. Slippers should fit well and have good grip.
  3. All day-to-day toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste, denture cleaning/storage (if needed), deodorant, body wash and skin moisturizer/lotion, hairbrush, cosmetics, razor and shaving cream, and so forth.
  4. Favorite foods. This depends on what food the hospice can store on your behalf, but favorite cookies, snacks, chocolate and other goodies are always welcome.
  5. Personal bedding. Although high-quality linens are supplied, many patients get extra comfort from using a pillow or blanket from home.
  6. Pictures and sentimental items. A few personal photographs, a vase for flowers, a favorite plant or sentimental items are welcome and help bring in the comforts of home.
  7. Music and books. A radio, music player or other device loaded with your loved one’s favorite music and audio books makes a great addition. Books are also welcome, as are other reading materials.

If there is anything else a patient or visitor would like to bring into hospice, be sure to contact the staff and ask whether it can be accommodated. Our team is happy to work with you to create a comfortable, supportive and caring environment.

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