Getting to Know Us

Getting to Know Us

United Methodist Communities has been providing care to seniors for over 100 years. Adherence to our values of compassion, respect, stewardship and service drives our actions and our experience comes across in all we do. We believe in the social model of senior living, maximizing each resident’s independence to the fullest. Our programming encourages the involvement of each resident to the degree they choose. People truly do make the difference at United Methodist Communities.

We are particularly proud of our Resident Directed Living and our continued commitment to benevolent care through the Gift of Care Circle. These strategies are what differentiate us.

Resident Directed Living moves control to the residents. Does a resident want a breakfast at 7am or 10am? Showers in the evening? Who wants spiritual rather than medical care? Who wants both? This requires a team approach, moving away from old, institutional models where breakfast is always at 7:30am and showers are on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3pm. This includes making more homelike environments in our long-term care residences. Breaking up a large 60-resident nursing floor into smaller, warmer 20-resident households, fosters nurturing environments where relationships blossom and residents experience greater autonomy.

United Methodist Communities has maintained a strong benevolent tradition since its founding through the Gift of Care Circle, which upholds our mission of compassionately serving in community so that all may have abundant life. Like a financial safety net, it sustains and supports the charitable mission.

As a faith-based organization, the United Methodist Communities is committed to its campuses, associates, volunteers, and residents. The Gift of Care Circle reflects the social consciousness of the United Methodist Church, with which we are affiliated, as well as our mission, vision, and values.  Like a financial safety net, it sustains and supports our  charitable mission.

We are very proud of our mission, our history of service and care, and urge you to visit one of our United Methodist Communities today.

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