Volunteer With Us!

Volunteer With Us!

  • Are you looking for a way to become more active and involved in your community?
  • Do you have a skill or a passion you’d like to share with others?
  • Do you enjoy making new friends and being part of something that helps people directly?
  • Do you run or represent a civic organization or local non-profit looking for volunteers?
  • Do you administer a school or job training program looking to get valuable and rewarding experience for your students?

United Methodist Communities has a Volunteer Opportunity in New Jersey for YOU!

United Methodist Communities has both assisted living campuses and senior housing communities all over the state. We maintain a large complement of volunteering opportunities — all centered around these communities. While most opportunities exist at our full service communities, all of our sites can benefit from your gracious donation of time. Just take a look at our Community Map!

Chances are that one of these is close enough to indulge your spirit of community and volunteerism in almost any way you can imagine. United Methodist Communities’ volunteers have taught photography, computers, read books to visually impaired residents, helped around the holidays, taught Yoga and Tai Chi, led walking groups, or sometimes just sat and held the hand of resident who may have needed it.

If you have the spirit of a volunteer, we are certain you will find a rewarding experience volunteering at the United Methodist Communities’ campus nearest you.

Sign Me Up!

We welcome individuals, community groups, and student organizations to share their time, talents and interests with residents onsite at our communities. Come one time or on a regular basis. The broad range of opportunities also includes virtual volunteer assignments.

For more information about specific volunteer opportunities, please complete the form below and a Volunteer Coordinator or a Social Service Coordinator will be in touch with you.

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    Don’t Worry If You Don’t Know What to Volunteer For!

    One of the most unique aspects of the United Methodist Communities’ volunteer program is its focus on providing a rewarding experience for the volunteer as well as a useful, rewarding service to the senior citizens who are its primary charge.

    For example:

    • Do you love to sew or knit? We’ll arrange a class of like-minded students thrilled to soak up your experience and share your enthusiasm.
    • Like to paint or sculpt? So do many of our residents and its one of the most popular pastimes at our communities.
    • Can you play music or dance? Well, by all means, come on in with your band or by yourself and bring the gift of music and movement to an appreciative audience.
    • Good conversationalist? If a more one-on-one experience is what you had in mind, there is deep satisfaction in our companion program where you get to keep senior residents company and help keep their minds active and engaged. An especially great program for non-resident seniors who have the compassion to help other seniors.
    • Veteran? Therapist? Many of our residents would welcome the opportunity to participate in a class or discussion group around your experiences or receive the benefit of your therapeutic skills.
    • Are you a teacher? Bring your class over for our Homework Helper program! Many of our residents are former teachers and being able to feel purposeful by helping young students learn is a gift for both the teacher and the student.
    • Boy or Girl Scout Leader? We love the scouts! Local troops often arrange to come in and provide help or entertain our seniors and earn merit badges in the process.
    • Local business or corporate director? Our “Day of Service” is a well-publicized event for you to bring your company into show your spirit of giving back and creating goodwill with your local neighbors.

    How Do I Sign Up for a Volunteering Opportunity at United Methodist Communities?

    It’s easy, just complete our online form. Once we receive your application, we will contact you. All our applicants are screened and then interviews are conducted to match them with the volunteering opportunity that is right for them. Over 1,200 volunteers come through our program every year and we look forward to having you join the growing ranks of those making a difference through volunteering opportunities in New Jersey with United Methodist Communities.

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