Assisted Living Support For Families

Assisted Living Support For Families

For the Families Have you noticed your parents getting more frail? Maybe they are becoming more lonely since they can’t get out any more. Perhaps their house is not as spic and span as it used to be. Or maybe, you are noticing medication left in the pill box or a lack of food in the refrigerator.

There are many clues that tell us when it’s time to think about whether mom or dad is able to live alone any longer and may need residential or assisted living. Residential living is independent living in an apartment licensed for assisted living. All this means is that if the time ever comes that your mom or dad needs assistance with day to day living, care can be provided right in that apartment. In addition, residential living includes meals, housekeeping, maintenance and activities. Assisted living includes all these services plus care. Realizing you must broach this subject is one thing, but starting that conversation is another. Here are some strategies that may help you.

Starting the Conversation

Realize that your parents fear giving up their independence. They have worked, raised a family and maintained a home for most, if not all, of their adult lives. Having someone, especially their child, tell them it’s time to give that up can be scary and overwhelming. They will probably resist at first, but don’t give up. The first conversation is usually the hardest.  Ask them to think about how they will take care of themselves in the event you are unable to help them. Tell them their situation is worrying you … you love them and don’t want to see anything happen. Explain that they should be making these decisions while they are able. Understand that this will probably take more than one discussion.

Ask for Recommendations Peace of Mind

Ask friends, colleagues or neighbors for recommendations and conduct online research. Call residential or assisted living communities of interest and speak with the sales director. Realize your parents probably have that old stereotype of “going into a home.” They may have even asked you to never “put them in a home.” When you feel a residential or assisted living environment is right for your parent, investigate by yourself first. Find out about the lifestyle from residents who live there. Ask about the organization’s philosophy around maintaining residents’ independence. When you find a community you like, ask about events you could attend with your mom or dad to get a flavor of the community in a non-threatening way.

Your Visit

Bring your parents for a visit, either to an event as noted above, or schedule an appointment with the sales director. On the tour, they will highlight things of interest to your mom or dad based on past discussions. Make sure your parents are made aware of what the community can offer that is important to them.


The residential and assisted living communities of today are very different from the nursing homes of the previous generation. Your parent will live in an apartment with housekeeping and maintenance provided. In assisted living, they will have access to medical care, if needed. There are a variety of activities and delicious dining in beautifully appointed dining rooms. The majority of residents wish they had made the move sooner. You will have no greater reward than the peace-of-mind you will get knowing they are safe and well cared for.


Visit our Senior Resources & Links page for websites that contain useful information for seniors and their families on a multitude of issues related to aging and senior care.


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