EAGLE Accreditation

United Methodist Communities Awarded
EAGLE Accreditation

As the only eagle unique to North America, the bald eagle very rarely flaps its wings when flying — it soars. United Methodist Communities has earned and was awarded the EAGLE (Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence) accreditation, given by the United Methodist Association (UMA).

EAGLE is the only faith-based accrediting body in the world and focuses on ministry with EAGLE Accr with Flame Cropped 1.1older adults and children. Their goal is to recognize organizations that voluntarily go beyond the minimum requirements of licensure to improve operational processes and outcomes. EAGLE challenges organizations not just to compete in challenging human services environments, but to soar above the competition while living their faith values. Though the UMA’s foundation and history are based in Methodism, EAGLE is ecumenical and applicable to all denominations.

In 2015, United Methodist Communities’ associates across all disciplines and communities, analyzed processes and compiled data as part of the first component of the accreditation process. Many, many hours were spent on this self-assessment step and the detail was submitted to the EAGLE accrediting team. The EAGLE accrediting body, composed of independent health care professionals from all parts of the country conducted rigorous evaluations.

As examples of their approach EAGLE:

  • Establishes responsible stewardship over physical and financial assets
  • Focuses on long-term sustainability
  • Affirms not-for-profit status by reinforcing community benefit and spiritual values
  • Curbs public perception as faith-based organizations are held to a higher standard
  • Provides external accountability
  • Improves performance, results, and outcomes in key areas of care
  • Contains built-in methods to help organizations constantly improve
  • Ultimately, calls organizations to be better with a passionate pursuit of perfection.

In the second component, a team of trained peer reviewers made onsite visits and spent considerable time with associates discussing the submissions. The final component of the process, which typically takes twelve to eighteen months to complete, came this spring. United Methodist Communities became EAGLE accredited!

The EAGLE Accreditation continues for four years, during which time frame, United Methodist Communities will be responsible for continuing to meet or exceed all EAGLE Principles, submit annual reports and successfully respond to all Commission requirements.