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Spring 2021: Navigating Together

UMC is Navigating by adapting to a changing environment, engaging residents, sustaining spirits, promoting safety and health, growing our presence, and nurturing our human connections. By doing this Together, we harness the power of many, promoting more positive outcomes to benefit all our stakeholders. In 2021, Covid-19 vaccinations arrived at all UMC sites, bringing everyone hope and renewed anticipation.

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Spring 2020: Enhanced Living Through Technology

Increasing numbers of United Methodist Communities’ residents turn to technology to shop, bank, learn, socialize, stay fit, and otherwise navigate life. The organization uses technology to increase business proficiencies and support resident and client health care.Residents favor the ease with which technology links them to their loved ones. In fact, they tell our Roaming Reporter, “How technology keeps me connected to my family.”  

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 Fall 2019: Fabulous Food

Fall Engage Magazine

Food is everywhere! Whether you prefer Happy Hour, a mash potato bar, or making your own sundae, food fulfills us on many level. Residents look forward to mealtime for not just nourishment, but for conversation and connection. The sharing of food not only establishes new relationships, but teaches others about diverse cultures and customs. So bring your appetite and dive into the fall engage! now

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Spring 2019: Associate Stories

Many UMC associates reflect, “Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.” Associate Stories portrays several associates and debuts UMC’s Connections video series, which highlights the close bonds between residents and associates. It’s also viewable on our YouTube channel, so become a subscriber today at goo.gl/RWmzYn!


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Fall 2018: Then and Now

We all have a “Then and Now.” Remarkably, 2018 marks the 111th year of operation for United Methodist Communities. To remain vital and competitive organizations must adapt, innovate, think creatively, and manage wisely. Likewise, individuals navigate life’s opportunities and challenges throughout the decades. We offer you a glimpse of the “Then and Now” of both UMC, America and of some resilient residents.

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Spring 2018: Honoring Our Heroes

Heroes are everywhere. Consider WWII Signal Corps veteran and Pitman resident, Dick Subber. Colleen McCann, Wesley by the Bay assistant housing administrator, collected furniture, lamps and housewares, creating three apartment homes for incoming residents. Collingswood’s Building Services Director, Ian Barnett, was part of the British Bobsleigh Team competing on the European Cup circuit and the winning Army team at least seven times; he won the Army championships four times.

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Fall 2017: Caregiving

engage Fall issue

Close to 40 million Americans give 37 billion hours of uncompensated care annually and make up about 21% of all households. As a Christian organization, caregiving reflects our universal values and passion for older adults. United Methodist Communities employs myriad strategies, including social connections to mitigate the risks of isolation, for longer and healthier lives. 

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 Spring 2017: Abundant Life at Home

engage Spring issueAnnouncing United Methodist Communities’ Spring 2017 engage! Throughout this issue, you’ll see evidence of United Methodist Communities bringing abundant life to others both within and beyond our walls.

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Fall 2016: Fitness

engage fall issueEvidence that many chronic diseases could be prevented, delayed, or alleviated, through simple lifestyle changes, may explain the profusion of fitness messages. United Methodist Communities’ onsite community life offerings and senior resource cafés encourage older adults to engage in physical exercise. Throughout this issue, you’ll learn how our associate benefits promote healthy lifestyles, find no-tech and technology-aided fitness tips, and discover the nutritional science behind our dining services. Where ever you are, follow your fitness journey!
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Spring 2016: Community Outreach and Industry Trends

United Methodist Homes of New Jersey has become United Methodist Communities. Throughout our 109‐year history, we have grown and responded to the need and demand in senior living. “Communities” better describes our services, influence, and more effectively explains our mission.
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Winter 2015-2016: Alternative Therapies

Alternative medicine is formally defined as any of various systems of healing or treating disease (as homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, Ayurveda, or faith healing) that are not included in the traditional curricula taught in medical schools of the United States and Britain. This issue, covers pet ownership and therapy, yoga, exercise, horticultural therapy, T’ai Chi, art therapy, meditation, and customized worship services.

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Fall 2015: The Changing Face of Memory Care

Alzheimer's and Memory Care

Nationally, every 70 seconds someone develops Alzheimer’s; an estimated 150,000 people in New Jersey have the illness. You’ll find informative statistics scattered throughout this issue, underscoring the need for expanding the current research to solve this medical puzzle.

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Spring 2015: Living on My Own Terms

Engage Magazine

Retirement living at United Methodist Communities at The Shores has allowed David A. Rhodes to continue living on his own terms. The Shores’ resident and award-winning carver, has a passion for creating decoys.

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Winter 2015: The Original Social Network


Although they may be considered “newbies” at Bristol Glen, Dewitt and Dorothy (Dewey and Dottie) Budd claim longtime residency in the area, living in Newton for 63 years. They have been very active in the greater Sussex County community, as well as Bristol Glen where they have lived for the past four years.

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Spring 2014: Volunteerism in the Homes


Along with their time, our volunteers bring their education, professional experience, skill, talent, warmth, and enthusiasm to our communities. Their ages are as diverse as their interests. Along with their time, our volunteers bring their education, professional experience, skill, talent, warmth, and enthusiasm to our communities. Their ages are as diverse as their interests.

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Winter 2014: Charting our Future


Charting our Future, United Methodist Communities, Strategic Plan 2013-2017, this first issue of 2014. During the spring of 2012, nine learning laboratories drawing diverse attendees among associates, board members, volunteers and friends, laid the foundation for the process.

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Fall 2013: Techno-Savvy Seniors


Technology touches everyone and makes a timely theme for this last issue of 2013. Ever-present and ever-changing, it can seem difficult to keep up with, however technology vastly impacts and transforms how we communicate, work, play, research, plan trips, donate, learn, network, socialize, take photos, and much more!

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Spring 2013: Wellness


Welcome to our wellness-themed issue! Every United Methodist Communities community strives for a culture of enrichment, which nurtures people intellectually, spiritually, vocationally, physically, socially, and emotionally.

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Winter 2013: Culture Change


Life happens here every day and culture change will enrich the lives of residents throughout ten United Methodist Communities communities. This issue of Engage elucidates that wonderful journey.

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Our Premier Issue


Welcome to the premiere issue of Engage! Yes, Engage with an exclamation point to reflect our missional passion and enthusiasm for the transformative journeys taking place at United Methodist Communities.

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