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3 Things You Should Never Say to Your Aging Parents

Published By mktagrp9 on September 20, 2022
Cropped shot of an attractive young woman hugging her grandmother before helping her with her finances on a laptop

Whether your aging parents live with you, or you live near each other, it’s no secret that our lives change drastically as we get older. The transition from your middle-aged years to your senior years can be a difficult one, because this phase of life is often accompanied by changes in independence, changes in mobility… Continue reading 3 Things You Should Never Say to Your Aging Parents

Senior Safety Tips: Accident Prevention at Home

Published By mweinbaum on January 17, 2022
Young man cleaning his apartment

Accidents happen! But they don’t have to be the end of the world. Taking precautions and following accident prevention tips can help seniors continue to live safe and sound at home. Falls are usually the catalysts that set off other major issues for seniors – issues that require medical attention and more permanent living arrangements… Continue reading Senior Safety Tips: Accident Prevention at Home

7 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Published By mktagrp9 on November 25, 2020

With age comes decreasing mobility and slower reflexes, which can lead to falls and accidents around the house. Here are some tips on how to keep your home as safe as possible, from in-home care specialists in Sparta, NJ. 1. Rearrange your everyday pantry staples Pantries are wonderful spaces for storing household necessities from canned… Continue reading 7 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

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