Assisted Living that
Feels Like Home.

Assisted Living in Cape May County NJ

United Methodist Communities at The Shores is a senior community featuring assisted living, memory care, respite care, skilled nursing, rehab, and hospice and more in a tranquil, modern setting at the Jersey Shore. Live as independently as you want, with the security of knowing that personal and healthcare services are there for you. As your needs change, your address will never have to with the Shores. 

2201 Bay Ave
Ocean City NJ 08226
(609) 400-4463)

Your new home at The Shores is inside a spacious, modern apartment building with all the amenities you could want. We are within walking distance of the beach and boardwalk. The cool sea breezes both invigorate and transport our residents to a place of peace and relaxation. Within their homes, residents enjoy personal freedom, security, privacy and independence.  

Whether residents want help with meals, assistance dressing or bathing, medication monitoring and exercise, or just want the company and friendship of others their age, The Shores has modern facilities and trained personnel to help.

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Independent Lifestyles In Assisted Living

Whatever your needs may be, The Shores has an affordable lifestyle choice for you. Only pay for services you require, with fully customized resident plans that can include meals, personal assistance, medical assistance, and a vigorous schedule of social and other events. Because The Shores has all manner of senior care options from assisted living to long term care, you’ll never have to change your address to have your needs accommodated, and your family will never have to worry about your needs or your quality of life. 

Tapestries® Memory Care

The Shores has an entire “neighborhood” devoted to the specialized needs of our residents living with dementia. Our Tapestries® program brings proactive, thought-leading strategies to the care and comfort of dementia residents. Seniors in Tapestries benefit from the person-centered approach to care, as the program focuses on what they can do, engages them in daily activities that bring them joy, and maximizes their overall quality of life. 

At United Methodist Communities, all residents have access to a complete range of services:

The Shores offers something truly unique in the world of senior living. Come see for yourself, plan a visit today!


All residents of our senior living community have full access to social programs, exercise classes, special events, live entertainment, educational seminars and more. These programs are extremely popular with our residents. The activities calendar is always packed at The Shores! Residents are encouraged to direct their own days and try whichever programs catch their interest. 

Take a look at our current monthly activity calendar.

Additionally, The Shores hosts its own fitness center, focusing on a holistic approach to mind and body wellness. The exercise programs offered are extremely popular with our residents and provide strategies that enhance quality of life and preserve health. 

Finally, The Shores also provides spiritual life events and pastoral guidance for residents of all faiths and religious backgrounds. We are affiliated with several local denominational leaders, and our programming seeks to build community and encourage our residents’ faith, understanding, and tolerance. 


Floor Plans

United Methodist Communities at The Shores works hard to ensure our residents experience comfort and safety in their new homes. We offer a wide variety of warm and welcoming apartment homes to suit all preferences.

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