Social Accountability

Social Accountability

We believe that abundance means experiencing the fullness of life and that all seniors deserve dignity, respect, peace of mind and empowered choices.

Our Ministry’s Impact:

  • Our spiritual values nurture meaning and offer compassion and hope
  • Our person-centered philosophy nurtures sense of purpose and honors individual preferences by expanding personal choices.
  • Our Household model of living creates a family atmosphere, where dedicated and flexible teams of associates support individuals’ preferred lifestyles.
  • We have an investment grade bond rating that indicates financial strength. Since our founding, we have never asked a resident to leave because they legitimately exhausted their financial resources.

We lead the state in defining nursing best practices by:

  • Reducing our hospital readmission rate significantly below the sub-acute industry average
  • Collaborating with our clients’ physicians to reduce over-medication and improve their levels of physical functioning.
  • Sending people home sooner from our specialty sub-acute programs with a shorter length of stay than the national average.
  • Providing ongoing, support through our Transitions Program, which includes Care Transitions free in home visits and Transitions and Assisted Living Neighborhoods for those preparing to go home.

We enhance the quality of senior living by:

  • Supporting active adults in maintaining mobility and strength, and remaining independent and engaged in life through our ThriveEx Program.
  • Helping seniors remain at home in familiar surroundings through United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, which provides in-home personal care, social support and spiritual support.
  • Offering secure, affordable retirement living through our Housing Communities, where seniors with limited income enjoy opportunities for abundant living.
  • Transforming the lives of persons living with dementia by offering love, respect, structured activities and joy in our Memory Support Residences.
  • Helping older adults embrace life by managing chronic pain and living their final days with grace through palliative and end of life care.
  • Being present and available in our neighborhoods to provide resources, social spaces and lifelong engagement at our senior resource cafes.

United Methodist Communities has been a trusted voice and resource for older adults in New Jersey for over 100 years!

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