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Ways to Celebrate 4th of July at Home with Your Senior Parents

“Let freedom ring!” The 4th of July is almost here, and while it’s customary to celebrate this patriotic holiday with outdoor activities like loud fireworks, sometimes circumstances prevent us from venturing outside the home. For instance, if you have senior parents with mobility or memory issues, it can be tough to transport them out of their home environment, especially without assistance. Fortunately, where there’s a will, there’s an aide. Even though the 4th of July is coming up fast, there are easy and creative ways for Mom and Dad to still celebrate this holiday at home.With assistance from a certified home health aide from United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, you can ensure that your loved ones can safely participate in all the 4th of July fun! 

  1. Organize a red, white and blue picnic! Who doesn’t love a theme party? First, decide which space would work best in your parents’ home to create a festive atmosphere (we recommend the living room or backyard). Next, pick up some inexpensive decorations from your local dollar or party store. Better yet, go to the local crafts store to pick up materials to make the decorations with your senior parent (more on that later). Decorate the space with your red, white, and blue party accents, and prepare some food and beverages for guests. Engage your senior parents in each stage of the party planning process, allowing them to contribute their favorite recipes or assist in small decorating tasks. As we mentioned briefly above, you could also enlist the help of an in-home companion to help prepare meals and assist your loved one with other 4th of July activities throughout the day.
  2. Create 4th of July decorations for the at-home celebration. Encourage creativity by organizing a crafting session ahead of the 4th of July party at your parents’ home. Together, you and your loved ones can craft handmade decorations, such as patriotic wreaths, banners, or even personalized cards for friends and family who cannot make it to the celebration. Regularly engaging seniors in arts and crafts activities can provide a sense of accomplishment and stimulate cognitive abilities. If you need extra help getting everything together, a UMC in-home caregiver can help pick up art supplies, provide creative guidance, and ensure mom or dad performs each craft safely and comfortably. 
  3. Have a patriotic-themed movie night inside. If parties aren’t Mom or Dad’s thing,  set up a cozy movie marathon at home. Make this more special by having a patriotic theme in the selection of movies or TV shows to enjoy together that night. Classics like “Independence Day” or “Top Gun” are great choices, or even historical documentaries can be entertaining and educational. While watching the features of the night, encourage your loved ones to share some past memories of 4th of July – you’d be surprised at the interesting stories that will come about while indulging in popcorn with extra butter. 
  4. A virtual 4th of July. If your senior parents have family and friends they are missing a little bit extra lately, set up time to connect virtually this 4th of July. Organize a video call via Zoom with loved ones who live far away to just catch up. Or even better – make a night out of it by organizing a virtual Red, White, and Blue-B-Q or a patriotic game night. Whatever you decide with Mom and Dad, make sure to facilitate the call by encouraging everyone to share stories and laugh together. Your parents will appreciate the sense of togetherness despite the physical distance. If technology isn’t your strong suit, one of our at-home caregivers can look into video conferencing technology options and set up a call between your senior parents and the rest of the family! 

Make holidays easier with a home health aide in NJ 

Whether you choose to organize a party at home or connect with family over Skype, your senior parents will be grateful to spend the holiday with their loved ones. We understand that planning celebrations for the holidays can be stressful, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our home health aides for help. With the assistance of a certified caregiver from UMC HomeWorks, you can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for mom and dad this 4th of July – as well as the holidays to follow! 

To learn more about our at-home senior caregivers in New Jersey, please give us a call or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/homeworks

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