In Home Companion Care

Improve Health and well-being with non-medical In-Home Companion Care

Do you or your loved one just need a little support or socialization at home? 

At United Methodist Communities HomeWorks- home care, we hear from frustrated family members that mom or dad is resisting help at home even though they need it.  


Resisting help is very common. The fear of losing independence and control, the invasion of privacy and fear of a stranger in the house are all reasons for this push back. Companion care is a gentle, easy way to infuse care and oversight into the home.  


When seniors begin to struggle with the simple things like shopping, preparing meals, cleaning and laundry, or even isolation, this may be the ideal time to introduce a companion. Companion care is less expensive and less intrusive.  It is also a great way to “try out” home care by having companion care once or twice a week.

Companion care starts with a visit by a registered nurse who develops a care plan for the Companion to follow. The nurse will periodically visit to supervise the Companion and make sure the care is in line with the client’s needs.



Benefits of Walking for Seniors

Companion Care can include:

  • Escorting to appointments, stores, social engagements and events
  • Engaging in activities such as reading, watching TV together or playing cards and board games
  • Planning meals and cooking for them or cooking together
  • Going shopping with them, taking a walk, or running errands and more

Socialization is the key component.

As seniors develop relationships with their caregivers, they look forward to their time together. Interacting with a caregiver on a regular basis can help reduce feelings of loneliness or depression.  It is well documented that isolation can affect diet, safety, sleep and more.

If you are concerned about how your loved one is managing their medications, HomeWorks also offers a medication management program by a registered nurse. Introducing Companion Care is less threatening and less costly but a very effective way to provide oversight in the home.

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