Home Care Help for the Elderly

Home Care Help for the Elderly

United Methodist Communities through HomeWorks, now serves seniors by providing in-home care for the elderly in New Jersey.

home health care for seniors in new jersey Fulfilling our 116-year-old non-profit mission to compassionately serve in community so that all are free to choose abundant life, United Methodist Communities HomeWorks serves to help senior citizens in one of our assisted living or adult communities, also extends to providing home care services to those in need of non-medical assistance in their homes.

In-Home Care Programs

  • Our home care caregivers are state certified home health aides (CHHA), screened for experience, compassion, and patience in dealing with seniors.
  • All programs include nursing assessments by a Registered Nurse, supervision, and ongoing monitoring as necessary.
  • We are driven by a faith-based mission to bring the “abundant life” into the lives of seniors. As such we offer Pastoral Care and psycho-social interventions to help families through difficult decisions.

What Kinds of Home Care Services Does United Methodist Communities HomeWorks Provide?

home help and companionship services for the elderly in New Jersey Our aides work first and foremost to be a positive presence in the lives of seniors, enhancing their security, well being, and state of mind.

In that context, we provide a long list of services as a standard part of our engagement with you or your loved one.

  • Free at-home consultation 
  • Live-in Care
  • Case Monitoring – We establish and maintain regular contact.
  • Medication Management
  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Home Safety Assessments & Management
  • Disease Management Teaching & Coaching
  • Daily Living Chores
  • Video Conferencing 
  • Facilitate Transitions Between Care Settings 
  • Expert Navigation of Healthcare Choices 
  • Arrange for In-Home Medical Services 
  • Pastoral Care 

At United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, we believe the quality of our caregivers, and our long experience in senior caregiving, set our home care assistance programs apart from the rest.

Want live-in care for your loved one? Call one of our teams below. We follow a simple process to get help to you as quickly as possible.

North Jersey: 973-940-6300
South Jersey: 856-300-2424

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