About United Methodist Communities Home Care Agency For NJ Seniors

About United Methodist Communities Home Care Agency For NJ Seniors

The United Methodist Communities is no stranger to the care of elderly adults across NJ. Our Assisted Living and Senior Residences around the state have provided compassionate and award-winning care to seniors for over 100 years!

With the expansion of UMC HomeWorks, we bring this powerful experience into the homes of seniors through our highly trained and certified in-home caregivers.

UMC HomeWorks- Your Neighborhood Home Care Agency

home health care for seniors in new jersey Because of our presence across the state of New Jersey, it is highly likely our services are available in your local neighborhood. And unlike other home care agencies, we have a huge infrastructure integrated with our Assisted Living communities to provide much more comprehensive options for your care or the care of a loved one, as well as to deal with any special circumstances that might exist.

Maybe you need help shopping, cooking, transportation help, or simple companionship. UMC Home Health Aides are screened, selected and trained to be the best of the best. Like associates in all our communities, they go forward with our mission first and foremost:

To serve in the community so that all are free to choose
abundant life.

Are You a Caregiver for An Elderly Parent or Relative?

Then UMC HomeWorks might provide much better options for you than most at home care agencies because of the large infrastructure of healthcare professionals and socialization opportunities available through our full-service communities.

Even if you only need a couple hours a day to be sure mom is okay, not lonely and takes her medicine, we will find a caregiver who meets the requirements that you give us. It’s all about relationships. We have associates with different skills and backgrounds and work hard to find the exact match for any situation.

Sometimes family caregivers just need a break. The stress of caring for a parent or relative living in their home can be a burden that severely constrains other parts of family life. Our home care professionals can provide Respite Care so that you can take a break from daily caregiving and go on that much-needed vacation. Please see our page on Respite Care Options.

We Are a Different Kind of At-Home Care Agency

New Jersey In-Home Health Care Agency UMC HomeWorks

At UMC HomeWorks, your entire physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is of concern to us. UMC HomeWorks is one of the only home care agencies in the state to offer pastoral care and counseling to seniors of any and all faiths. We understand the deep connection between all parts of the human experience and it is our desire to make a difference in the lives of seniors in every way possible.

Despite our vast experience in senior care, the high quality of our home care aides, and our tremendous care infrastructure, UMC maintains a price structure that is among the most competitive for professional in-home care agencies in New Jersey. For more information, see our page on senior home care costs.

Selecting the Best Home Care Agency

For those in areas that we serve, we may be the best home care agency option for your situation. Don’t roll the dice with unlicensed, unscreened want-ad caregivers.  You can still have finest caregiving options for your loved one without breaking the bank.

  • A large network of caregivers means we find the right fit for you.
  • Costs are at or below NJ averages for professional caregiving
  • Backed by the infrastructure of an Assisted Living Network across NJ.
  • In the business of senior caregiving for over 100 years. At UMC we’re on a mission and it’s NOT to make money….
  • A faith driven, non-profit mission that includes pastoral care.

Call UMC HomeWorks Today to find out if we service your area.


Thinking About Assisted Living?
UMC can offer you an independent lifestyle while bringing you the security, assistance and companionship you deserve.
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