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How Does Assisted Living Compare to Long-Term Care?

Are you considering assisted living or long-term care for an older loved one? You may be wondering what the differences are, and which option is the best for your circumstances. Both assisted living and long term care share a common goal: to ensure senior residents live as safely and as comfortably as possible. 

Many senior living communities provide both assisted living and long term care, and in this article we’ll discuss some of the key differences and similarities. The team at United Methodist Communities hopes you find this information helpful in choosing the best living arrangement for your loved one.

Key similarities between assisted living and long-term care

  • Safety. Both living arrangements are designed to maximize the safety of all residents, including things like wide, flat staircases with very secure handrails and grab bars in every restroom. You also won’t find any tripping hazards like rugs that can get caught underfoot, or slippery surfaces. Safety also includes things like alarm systems and security guards for around-the-clock protection. Residents may also keep 24 hour alert pendants on their person in case of emergency.
  • Help with medication management. Those who are on several medications often need help remembering which medications to take when. Associates are onsite to help avoid any missed doses and prevent any mix-ups. 
  • Support with daily life, including help with personal hygiene, light cleaning, daily exercise, and more. People in assisted living and long term care greatly benefit from having daily support.
  • Proper nutrition. Seniors will enjoy delicious meals throughout the day to ensure they are properly nourishing their bodies. 

Key differences between assisted living and long-term care

  • The level of support. People who live in assisted living communities may not have serious mobility or medical issues that affect their quality of life. However, they may still require a level of support (or assistance) here and there on a daily basis. Long-term care residences, also known as skilled nursing communities, are more commonly used by people who require 24/7 support and medical attention. 
  • The extent of services offered. Long-term care communities offer more services because the residents generally require a more comprehensive level of care. Things like assistance using the bathroom, full-time health monitoring, and support with mobility are all common services you’ll find in long-term care. While assisted living offers help with daily tasks when needed and encourages residents to continue living a more independent lifestyle.  
  • The set-up. If you’ve ever visited an assisted living community, you probably noticed how it feels exactly like an apartment complex, with residents coming and going as they please. On the other hand, in nursing communities, it will be more common to see medical equipment and associates present with residents at all times. 
  • Independent lifestyles for seniors in Camden County, NJ 

The level of care and support your loved one needs will determine which option is best for them. Many senior living communities have both assisted living and long-term care neighborhoods on the same grounds. With each one striving to support and uplift residents, while keeping them safe and comfortable. 

At UMC at Collingswood, you’ll see independent living for seniors in full swing. Our full-service assisted living community helps residents remain independent for as long as possible, while offering the help they need with things like maintenance and handyman work, housekeeping services, medication reminders, personal hygiene assistance, and much more. 

For more information about Collingswood, our assisted living community in Camden County NJ, please contact our team today or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/collingswood/assisted-living-south-jersey/

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