ADA-Friendly Appliances for Your Home

Whether Dad is hard of hearing, has poor eyesight, or has trouble remembering to take his medicine, the medical marketplace has an ADA gadget for that. For those who may be unfamiliar with the acronym, ADA compliance is short for the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. When something is labeled as ADA-friendly, all that means is that all the electronic information and technology associated must be accessible to those with disabilities. From amplified telephones with big numbers, to fall alert systems and even software that will read your computer screen to you, tech has come a long way in making life for seniors a lot easier. Here’s a few of the best ADA-friendly appliances and gadgets to consider investing in for your senior loved one.

ADA Refrigerators

ADA refrigerators are just as appealing as other ranges, but with a few tweaks and extras that make them ideal for seniors with mobility issues. Two of the most enticing features are the refrigerator controls being positioned 15-18 inches from the floor so they’re well within arm’s reach, and the easy one-handed operation that requires less than 5lbs of pressure to open. Another great feature is that 100% of fresh food storage space and 50% of frozen food storage space is below 54 inches. This allows anyone with a wheelchair to easily reach the majority of the items and also limits the need to bend, or stretch to reach if you have limited mobility. 

ADA Dishwashers

These dishwashers offer quiet operation, so they don’t create noise even in smaller living spaces, are around 32 inches tall for easier access, and all controls can be easily accessed at the front of the machine with just one arm. They are compact, making these dishwashers an ideal option for smaller kitchens, plus they clean and dry dishes just as effectively!

ADA Ranges and Cooktops

For cooktops, the forward reach required to operate the cooktop is between 15-48 inches for easy access. The controls can be operated with just one hand, and they are easy to move to prevent pinching or strain on joints. Some have insulated knee spaces below the cooktop to assist people in wheelchairs, and you don’t have to reach across burners to turn them on or off. For ranges, the requirements for reach are similar and controls are easily accessible, without requiring more than 5lbs of force to turn more comfortably.

ADA Telephones

Thanks to the ADA, there are a wide range of home phones for anyone with mobility or sensory difficulties. This includes phones with automatic captions, larger screens for easy reading or  assisted technology that reads out text messages and provides braille or speech access.


Smartwatches aren’t just trendy, they’re senior and ADA-friendly too! They can be programmed with medication alerts and fall alerts, have GPS tracking for safety, track fitness, and give you health statistics to track heart rate, blood pressure, oxygenation and much more. Not to mention, seniors can also answer any calls through their smartwatch. 

Benefits of a Home Health Aide

Of course, one of the best ways to make the home and lifestyle of your loved ones more senior and ADA-friendly is having a home health aide. With a little professional, compassionate assistance, seniors are:

  • More independent – Everyday tasks are much easier with a helping hand! From bathing and grooming to making meals and dressing, having a home health aide keeps seniors in familiar surroundings and living an independent life.
  • Safety – Home health aides are trained to actively prevent safety incidents, from falls in the home to forgetting to lock doors at night. With a companion around, safety risks are much lower – and you have a trained professional on hand if anything were to go wrong.
  • Reduced risks of hospitalization – For elderly and disabled seniors, health risks are a real concern. Not only are they more likely to fall or become ill, they also face a higher risk of hospitalization to overcome these issues. A home health aide will keep an eye on any health concerns to make sure they get treatment quickly when an illness develops and before it becomes too severe to require hospitalization.
  • Companionship – Disabilities and reduced mobility can leave seniors feeling isolated, scared to leave their home, and lonely. A home health aide can provide the support they need to be more active and social in a safe way, from driving them to social events to providing companionship at home.

Home health care for seniors from UMC HomeWorks

At-home care is an ideal service for disabled seniors or seniors who need assistance at home but don’t want to move into assisted living. These services, provided by United Methodist Communities HomeWorks, ensure that seniors get the necessary support and companionship to stay healthy and lead a fulfilling life in the comfort of their own home and community. 


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