The 4 Biggest Fears About Assisted Living – And How to Talk About Them

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With so many misconceptions about assisted living, it’s no surprise that seniors and their families feel fearful of even bringing up the idea of moving into an assisted living community. Here are some insights about the four biggest fears about assisted living and addressing them with your loved ones, from our Senior Living Community in South Jersey:

  1. I’ll lose my independence. The reality is very different! There are so many types of assisted living facilities, each offering a different lifestyle, living arrangement and level of care that there’s no reason to think you won’t find one that supports you the way you want. In fact, many assisted living services focus on making seniors more independent by taking on daily tasks and maintenance — and letting seniors get on with their lives on their own terms.
  2. It will be lonely. Moving out of your home and into a new community is always a challenge and many people worry that they’ll be isolated as a result. However, there’s no reason you can’t continue socializing with friends and family just as you did before, especially if your new community isn’t too far away. With social calendar filled with clubs, events, activities and talks, many seniors find that their social lives improve dramatically in assisted living. Isolation is in fact a far bigger risk to seniors who stay in their own homes.
  3. It will feel institutionalized. In the past, senior care facilities were very limited and institutionalized, but – thanks to the USA’s aging population and demand for quality care, the industry is now unrecognizable. You can now find assisted living communities integrated into towns with beautiful gardens and modern apartments where you can decorate as you wish. Some even cater to specific lifestyles and religious beliefs. With a strong community spirit, the best assisted living communities actively encourage bringing your own unique flair and personality into the space.
  4. It’s too expensive. There are senior living options for a number of different budgets and needs. Veterans Administration benefits are also available to those who qualify to help with the cost. Many facilities also tailor their services to each resident, so you aren’t paying for anything that you don’t need. Take the opportunity to visit assisted living communities and find out how much it will really cost — you will likely be pleasantly surprised.

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