4 Reasons Why Assisted Living Is so Much Better Than Living Alone

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When it comes to senior care, there are many different options on the market. Therefore, it can be pretty challenging to find the one that best suits your loved one. In contrast to some past perspectives about assisted living, the recent senior care industry boom offers desirable lifestyles, fantastic customized spaces, and ample resources for seniors.

Here are four reasons why assisted living can be better for seniors than living alone, from our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ:

Four Reasons Why an Assisted Living Community Is Better for Seniors Than Living Alone: 

  • Affordability – The cost of assisted living isn’t low, but it can be much lower than the cost of a home – especially if that home isn’t paid off or requires a lot of maintenance and repairs. Maintaining a yard and home is a considerable cost when you add it all up, from utilities and maintenance services to major repairs and replacing appliances. If a major repair issue occurs, it can make living alone considerably more expensive than assisted living.
  • Socialization – Having an active social life is an important part of mental and physical health, and it can be much easier to achieve this in a community setting rather than living alone. In assisted living, the staff works hard to deliver a wide range of social events and activities to residents at all levels of independence, from guest talks and events to regular clubs, outings, and more.
    This is especially important as seniors who live alone can easily become isolated or suffer from depression, especially when they don’t have the confidence or physical ability to go out by themselves. It’s easy to make new friendships and maintain them in a community setting where like-minded people are just a few steps away.
  • Safety – One of the main concerns of any family member with a senior loved one who lives alone is their safety. Whether it’s a fall or an illness, the last thing you want is an emergency situation with no one nearby to help. In an assisted living community, it’s not only easier to respond in the event of an emergency, but the building and staff strategy are also designed to actively prevent these emergencies.
    A cough can be noticed and quickly checked so it doesn’t become pneumonia. Apartments are designed to support mobility and prevent falls, and having a community available means there’s always someone there to help.
  • Independence – Although the main fear many older adults have about moving into assisted living is that they’ll lose their independence, the reality is that high-quality assisted living communities are designed to support senior independence for as long as possible.
    Services are scalable, so residents only get the services they need, and chores are taken care of so that residents can spend as much time as possible doing what they love and enjoy life. Transport services are available so that seniors can be active in their community, and there are plenty of senior services and activities available onsite. This offers seniors many more opportunities to live life to the fullest than living alone will.

Assisted Living in Camden County NJ – A Community that Promotes Senior Independence 

Collingswood is part of the United Methodist Communities’ network of high-quality, non-profit assisted living communities promoting independence for seniors. With an experienced care and assistance team, scalable services customized to each resident’s needs, and a lively social calendar, our community offers essential resources that support independence and quality of life.

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