The 3 Most Common Fears Around Assisted Living

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Assisted living can conjures up some of our most deep-seated fears, and yet most people aren’t familiar with the reality of this service! Just bringing the subject up can provoke a knee-jerk reaction or even start a family argument — but just how valid are these concerns really? Our assisted living team in Camden County, NJ, takes a look.

  • Fear Number One: I’ll lose my independence. Independence is a vital part of living life to the fullest and understandably, seniors don’t want to lose that. In reality, assisted living communities know how important this is and have evolved to do everything they can to keep seniors living on their own terms as much as possible. This actually has the effect of giving them more independence in our communities than they would have outside of it!
    The apartments are maintained by the organization, so there’s no need for extra home do-it-yourself and maintenance. Likewise, housekeeping is managed by a staff team, and lots of other everyday administrative tasks are also taken care of, so you have more free time.
  • Fear Number Two: I can’t afford it. Senior care services cost money — there’s no getting away from that. But the truth is that home assistance and caregiving may become necessary for all of us as we become more frail. By spending some time doing research and visiting assisted living communities, you’ll be able to find one that fits your budget. The best communities offer custom care plans, so you only pay for the services you want and you won’t waste a cent. You’ll also be saving on maintaining your home, on transportation, and even on having home caregiving services.
  • Fear Number Three: I’ll be lonely. Loneliness, isolation and depression are real concerns in the senior care community, but assisted living communities are actually one of the best prevention methods. Rather than remaining isolated in your own home and having to travel to see friends, these communities bring people together and allow friends and family to visit whenever they want. Different communities offer different lifestyle choices, and they’re a great option for seniors wanting to increase their social circle and share their interests.

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