Why Consider Volunteering At A Senior Living Community

Why Consider Volunteering At A Senior Living Community

Have you thought about volunteering at a senior living community? Many senior living communities across the country welcome support and assistance from people just like you. Volunteers can be responsible for a variety of things at the community, including organizing and running group activities, teaching educational classes, and providing one-on-one company to residents. 

If you’re wondering how you can volunteer, think about something you really enjoy doing and how you can share that experience with someone else. For example, if you’re passionate about cooking, you could share your passion with residents by volunteering to teach cooking classes at your local senior living community. Volunteering is not only beneficial for the residents, it’s also tremendously rewarding for the volunteers. Here are some indisputable reasons why you should consider volunteering at a senior community near you

It’s Great For Your Mental Health 

You’ve probably heard people say that giving back to their community has been a hugely positive experience for them. Perhaps you’ve volunteered at other places in the past, so you’re already aware of how great it makes you feel. Engaging in new experiences and keeping your brain active is very beneficial for your mental health. This is because when people are able to share their interests and passions with others, it releases endorphins in the brain that makes them feel happier. 

We all have hobbies and interests that we are passionate about. If you love sewing, perhaps you can volunteer to teach a sewing workshop at a senior living community. Sharing something you love with others is a win-win for all parties!

You Can Gain Some Knowledge

While volunteers are often the ones teaching classes or directing activities, that doesn’t mean they can’t learn something as well. A by-product, if you will, about volunteering is socializing and getting to know the residents on a deeper level. Seniors have a wealth of life experience that younger people can tap into. Having a one-on-one conversation with a resident at a senior living community can teach you some very valuable life lessons. 

Many older adults have lived through world-changing events. Perhaps they’ve served their country in the military, or maybe they’ve traveled around the world and can share their exciting experiences with you.

You Can Make The Residents Happy

Unfortunately, not all residents in senior living communities have family and friends who are able to visit them. Loneliness can be a serious problem among seniors, and volunteers can make a world of difference to their state of mind. You can accompany seniors who don’t regularly receive visitors on a walk during a beautiful day, you can watch old movies together, you can do arts and crafts together, or you can participate in some of their regularly-scheduled activities. Interacting with other people on a regular basis improves mental and physical health for everyone involved.

You Can Add It As Job Experience

Did you know that you can add volunteering to your resume? For young people who are looking to bolster their resumes ahead of applying for college or in preparation for applying to a first job after graduation, volunteering is an excellent way to show philanthropy and community service. 

As a volunteer, you’ll be responsible for many things on a daily basis, including scheduling and coordinating social activities, communicating with residents and staff, and planning special events. These skills are very valuable both in your personal life and in your career, and employers look favorably upon people who make time to volunteer and give back to their communities. 

If you would like to learn more about how rewarding it is to volunteer at a senior living community, please contact our team at UMC today. We look forward to having you volunteer with us!


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