The Perks of Life at A Senior Living Community

The many benefits of senior living communities

When you hear the phrase “senior living community,” what image comes to mind? Do you envision an elderly person confined to their room, looking like they want to be virtually anywhere else? Fortunately, this outdated stereotype of the “old age home” is simply not true – at least for United Methodist Communities. Today, active senior living communities like UMC are thriving, vibrant neighborhoods full of independent seniors who lead full and interesting lives. 

In the past, older adults feared a  move into senior living meant losing their independence or becoming isolated from friends and family members. But our UMC senior living neighborhoods are designed to maintain our residents’ independence while providing whatever support they need. On top of excellent care, we also offer many activities including fitness lessons, cooking demonstrations, art classes, and more. 

All your friends are in one place

Did you know that many senior friend groups are choosing to move into senior living communities together? Getting older comes with its own set of challenges, one of the main ones being that seniors feel isolated and cut off from their friends, especially if they no longer drive. When you move into a senior community, you’ll have your friends just next door, so you can maintain a healthy social life and keep those life-long friendships strong. 

Activities just beyond your door

As mentioned above, senior living communities offer a huge range of activities that residents can enjoy. Your retirement years are a great time to pursue new hobbies and interests or to re-discover a hobby you enjoyed in your past. At UMC, you can explore gardening, cooking, music, movies, dance, and art – just to name a few. You’ve worked hard for decades, so it’s time to have fun and indulge in your hobbies!

No cooking or cleaning

Even though you can live in private accommodation in a senior community, staff are still on-site around the clock to support you with certain daily tasks like cooking and cleaning. These tasks can take a lot of your time and mental energy, so this assistance will ensure you’re relaxed and free to spend time with your friends and partake in your hobbies. 

Assistance tailored to your specific needs

One of the biggest benefits of senior communities is that assistance is scaled to each person’s needs. If you need support with only a few tasks, such as medication reminders, the staff will be happy to organize your pills and remind you to take them on time. If your mobility decreases over time and you need assistance with things like showering, changing clothes, and getting ready in the morning, qualified caregivers will be there to help. 

It’s common for your medical needs to change as you get older. When you first move into a senior living community, you may not need any assistance at all. As time goes on and you find yourself needing help, you don’t want to be uprooted and move to a new location every time your needs change. At our continued care senior communities you won’t need to. You can remain in the community you’ve come to call home and continue getting the care you need.

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