Try These 5 Enjoyable Activities for Dementia Patients

Senior man sitting looking at photo album with male nurse

Everyone has the need to connect with other human beings, which is what makes our relationships so important. Dementia patients have the same need to connect, but this condition can make it more challenging to do so.

Here are some great activities recommended by the team at our  Tapestries Memory Care, that can help you bond with your loved one:

  1. Photo albums. While short-term memory does deteriorate with these conditions, long-term memories remain strong and particularly powerful. Looking through photo albums together is a great way to share memories and even learn new things about your loved one, so take one from your own childhood or theirs when you visit.
  2. Memory packages. Another way to trigger memories and share stories is through special memory packages. Scent is particularly well-connected to our memories. Favorite perfumes and aftershaves, cookies and treats, and even clothes, help form a strong connection. You can also incorporate this into events, for example with a holiday season package of gingerbread, pine, candy canes, decorations and cards.
  3. Read together. Since it may be difficult for your loved one to focus on the task of reading for themselves, pick books they enjoy and spend an hour reading out a chapter to them. This works particularly well if you use a calm and slow tone, as it provides stimulation and helps concentration.
  4. Favorite entertainment. Again, this is best when it connects with your loved one’s past. A playlist of their favorite songs from growing up, the TV show they loved when they were younger or much-loved musicals can trigger a strong response. It’s easy to find a lot of these series, movies and songs on streaming services.
  5. Nature visits. A slow walk to look at the spring flowers, a drive through town to look at the snow and Christmas lights, or a visit with therapy animals all provide sensory stimulation and great enjoyment. This is also a good opportunity to invite along the grandkids!

Tapestries-Memory Care at The Jersey Shore

United Methodist Communities is no stranger to the care and treatment for adults with Alzheimer’s and Dementia diagnoses. In fact, in November of 2018, United Methodist Communities opened Tapestries-Memory Care at the Shores in Ocean City New Jersey. This specialized facility is designed for the unique concerns  and caregiving of those with all stages of dementia. It offers apartment style, supervised living in a beautiful Jersey Shore setting.

To find out more about our Tapestries-Memory Care at The Shores, please visit our website at and book your visit today.


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