Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Gives Seniors Their Lives Back

Learning Deep Stretches

Physical therapy is one of the most beneficial options for seniors who have been ill, had a hospital stay or surgery. Rather than recuperating in bed with a good book or your favorite show, medical professionals recommend that you get up and get moving — under the supervision of our assisted living team in Gloucester County, NJ.

What’s the benefit of physical therapy? 

Physical therapy is designed to help:

  • Restore and improve functionality;
  • Restore and improve balance;
  • Restore and improve strength;
  • Reduce pain (for example, for arthritis patients);
  • Speed up the healing process; and
  • Increase mobility.

Why is it important for seniors? 

Everyone should undergo rehabilitation and physical therapy after a physical setback or surgery. But, it’s even more important for seniors. As we age, our bodies find it more and more of a challenge to bounce back after an illness or injury. It can be a challenge to achieve the same levels of physical wellness, even years after. Unfortunately, this can lead to risks of further complications down the line, including:

  • Increased fragility;
  • Infections;
  • Balance issues; and
  • Increased fall risks that can result in serious injury.

Physical therapy is incredibly important to give your body the support and assistance it needs to ensure that you can get back that level of confidence and independence you need to live a quality life.

What happens in physical therapy?

Everyone’s physical therapy plan is unique and tailored to what their body needs and can manage, so that it brings the greatest benefit without causing injury. Therefore, it is very important to follow your medical professional’s advice and visit recommended therapists who understand how to work with seniors.

You will work one-on-one with your therapist to ensure that you are doing exercises correctly. They will likely recommend some exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home. Getting the best results from physical therapy means committing to following any regime properly — the success stories speak for themselves!

Professional, Compassionate Assisted Living and Respite Care in Gloucester County, NJ 

Pitman, an assisted living community in Gloucester County, NJ, offers high-quality assisted living services in a well-supported, comfortable and beautiful environment. As part of the United Methodist Communities network, we also offer:

  • Rehabilitation;
  • Access to therapists;
  • Hospice care;
  • Respite care; and
  • Memory care and support services.

We welcome seniors from all faith backgrounds.

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