5 Tips for Making the Move to Assisted Living Easier for Couples

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At first, it might sound easier, but it can actually be far more challenging to find an assisted living facility for both your parents than for just one of them! With life spans increasing for both men and women, and more couples than ever before over the age of 60, families are increasingly having to deal with the challenge of finding a community that works to meet the needs and expectations of both spouses. Here are five tips from the team at our assisted living community in Camden County, NJ:

  1. Do Plenty of Research Before Bringing Up the Subject – It’s no good bringing up the idea of moving into assisted living when you’re unprepared and could potentially have two people raising objections about it! It’s much better to know your subject matter inside out so that you can talk about it properly. This means researching facilities in your area, visiting them, and chatting with the staff. You’ll have a much better idea of what would suit your parents and what assisted living is really like.

  2. Do Some Financial Planning – Two people going into assisted living is more costly than one, but it’s achievable if you find the right community and develop your budget. Although the living space couples need might be bigger, it’s a good idea to find communities that offer scalable services and have an ‘aging in place’ philosophy. This means that couples can decide what services they need and only pay for those, which makes assisted living costs more affordable. It also means that they won’t be split up when individual care needs change, which is a common concern. Instead, they’ll have a permanent home together.

  3. Talk, Don’t Instruct – Your parents have been making decisions for themselves – and for you – their whole lives. So, it’s important to leave as much control as possible in their hands. Bring up the idea of assisted living casually and listen to any fears they may bring up as well as talking about your own concerns. Take some pamphlets and give them time to look over them. Offer to take them on a tour of the communities you think may suit them. If they have a concern, try to address it based on your research and not simply dismiss it.

  4. Create a New Space – Once your parents make the decision to move into senior housing at an assisted living community, offer your assistance in turning their new apartment into a home. Make it an enjoyable project in which you help combine the old and the new — from painting and buying new furniture to making sure that sentimental items have their proper place.

  5. Get Involved – As you can already see, there’s a lot of work involved for families as well as your parents! Even under the ideal circumstances, moving can be stressful and emotional, so make sure there’s a plan in place in which everyone can get involved. This includes everything from the administration of downsizing and moving (hosting yard sales, measuring furniture to see if it will fit, selling property, and so on) to ensure that your parents feel settled, visiting and phoning regularly, getting to know the community, sharing meals, and making plans together.

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