Our Priority is the Health and Well-Being of Our Residents and Associates

Total UMC Vaccinations: 1,420

How We’re Responding to COVID-19

UMC’s frontline associates are real life superheroes, going above and beyond during this COVID-19 pandemic to serve with the creativity, compassion, and dedication our seniors and their families deserve.

New Update 8/21/2020: The UMC ROAD FORWARD task groups are very happy to announce that Essential Caregiver guidance was released to our residents and families on Friday, August 21. We are grateful for the patience granted by families as we worked through this process.

Our next step is to fulfill all the NJ Department of Health directives which will allow us to move to the next phase. Our team participated in a webinar earlier in the week which gave clarification and guidance on these. We will keep you updated as we move forward.

Again, thank you for your patience as we navigate this complex issue. Please know that our primary focus is always the safety of you/your loved one.

The Road Forward is United Methodist Communities’ path to reopening our communities in the face of COVID-19. Reopening our communities will take time and patience. We will not “flip the switch,” but rather engage in a slow, methodical process of restarting and reopening our services. Click here to read our entire Road Forward Plan.

UMC is implementing a new procedure for associates who are taking traveling. We are mandating that any associate who travels on vacation to a state that is a COVID hotspot they will be required to quarantine at home for 14 days after return. Click here to see the hot-spot states.

UMC has formed a Coronavirus Response Team led by Elizabeth P. Andersen, Corporate Director of Compliance and Risk Management. We are continuing with the strict entry restrictions and screening programs that were put in place in early March.

United Methodist Communities is also strictly following the latest recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) and county health departments as applicable.


As a not-for-profit care system, UMC derives much of its support from the generosity of donors. The United Methodist Communities Foundation is focused on doing all we can to support our health care heroes, and we need your help. Click here to read a special letter from Larry Carlson and Dr. Grant Karsner with more information.

Please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth Andersen at or your community’s Executive Director or Housing Administrator with further questions or concerns.

Thank you for your vigilance, patience and cooperation in addressing this global health risk.

Key Elements of our Response Plan

  1. Screening of all residents and associates daily.
  2. Compassionate, well-being and essential caregiver visits only.
  3. Keeping families in touch through virtual or physically protected, and outdoor visitation.
  4. New residents must pass a COVID-19 screening and remain quarantined for 14 days.
  5. Social distancing enforced inside our communities.
  6. Elevated hygienic protocols.
  7. Increased cleaning and disinfecting.
  8. Stepped up procurement and management of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety equipment.
  9. For details on our HomeWorks response, click here.
  10. For details of our COVID-19 response, see below.

United Methodist Communities Hotline Phone Numbers:

  • UMC at Bristol Glen: 201-695-8904
  • UMC at Collingswood: 201-701-2072
  • UMC at Pitman: 201-695-8950
  • UMC at The Shores: 201-696-3858

For additional questions email us at or refer to the form below.

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    Details of Our COVID-19 Response:

    The health and safety of our residents and associates across all communities is our top priority, below are steps we have taken in response to COVID-19.

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