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Transitions by UMC Collingswood

Post-acute care and services should be provided in an environment that is the least restrictive but continues to support overall recovery and wellness, whether in the home or a care community.

If you are not quite ready to return home or tried but found you still need more support, Transitions can help. 

Transitions bridges recovery in a homelike apartment setting. This short-term
program works towards getting you back home safely. 

The Transitions neighborhood consists of private, fully-furnished apartments. Just bring clothing and personal items.

Guests benefit from care and services including rehabilitation, social engagement, wellness programming, home environment assessments, and transitional care to home follow-up.

Transitions is offered at an all-inclusive daily rate which includes: 

Senior man doing exercises using a strap
A Transitions stay can be anywhere from one week to six weeks. Similar to a stay in a traditional rehabilitation setting, you must have a distinct reason for a short stay regarding recovery, reconditioning, and clinical monitoring. Examples include:  
  • Observation for response to a new clinical situation such as new diabetic/insulin or a fibrillation/heart rate and new medication.
  • Rehabilitation, particularly areas that relate to practicing living in a home-like environment.
  • Anxiety about being home without clinical support.
  • Delay in having support structures in place at home.
  • More stabilization required.
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