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The ABC’s of Assisted Living: Understanding the Essentials

ABC’s of Assisted Living

As our priorities and needs change, it’s important to find yourself in an environment that fully supports the necessities of aging. Assisted living communities have become popular for seniors seeking an enriching and comfortable lifestyle in their retirement years. Since it is back to school season, we felt it was appropriate to give an “Assisted Living 101” refresher lesson for those who may be bouncing the idea back and forth. Without further ado, let’s uncover the ABCs of assisted living and learn how a community like United Methodist Communities at Collingswood empower seniors to lead more fulfilling lives.

A is for Amenities

When it comes to amenities, UMC at Collingswood is a cut above the rest. From spacious, well-appointed living spaces to beautifully landscaped outdoor areas, the community offers a picturesque environment for its residents. Wellness centers, libraries, and common area lounges foster a sense of camaraderie among residents, encouraging them to socialize and engage in a range of activities.

B is for Benefits

One of the standout benefits of our senior community is the personalized care plans that cater to individual needs. Trained caregivers are available around the clock, assisting with activities of daily living (ADL’s) while encouraging residents’ independence whenever possible. On top of daily tasks like getting dressed for the day and cleaning up, we offer valuable benefits like medication management, health monitoring, daily activity classes, and scheduled transportation services for outings outside of the community.

C is for Companionship and Community

Seniors often find solace in companionship, and the sense of community here at Collingswood is truly heartwarming. Engaging social activities, group outings, and seasonal events create opportunities for residents to bond with one another, fostering a supportive environment where friendships can truly thrive. Our team members also facilitate social interactions between residents and volunteers whenever the opportunity arises, and especially when they learn certain residents have a lot in common and would make a great match as friends!

D is for Dining

At Collingswood, we are all about the food! Our culinary team crafts delicious meals that cater to various nutritional needs, dietary preferences and allergy exceptions. Dining is an experience as residents will gather in our elegant, community dining room to enjoy the restaurant quality dishes prepared by our highly-trained executive chefs. This focus on nutrition and accompanying one another for meal time not only sustains physical health, but also encourages more social interaction each day.

E is for Engagement

We are much more than a place for seniors to live. Our senior living teams across NJ have dedicated themselves to keeping residents engaged and mentally stimulated. Each of our full service assisted living communities host a range of programs, including classes and clubs for art, gardening, dance, board games, bible study, fitness, and more. These opportunities for growth and exploration reveal a sense of purpose that contributes to a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.

F is for Freedom

While assisted living provides necessary support, it also values each resident’s freedom and independence. At UMC at Collingswood, seniors have the freedom to structure their days according to their preferences. Whether participating in activities, exploring nearby attractions, or simply relaxing in their private apartments, residents enjoy a sense of autonomy that enhances their quality of life.

G is for Gardening

UMC at Collingswood embraces the therapeutic benefits of gardening. The community offers established gardens and green spaces where residents can tend to the garden. Cooper River Park and Knight Park are just a few minutes away, easily accessible to residents who want to unwind on a park bench and enjoy the view. Gardening can be a great low-impact exercise for seniors to take part in daily. Not only is it physically beneficial, it also promotes relaxation and a strong connection to nature.

Happiness Starts for Seniors at Collingswood

With a commitment to preserving autonomy and fostering a sense of community, UMC at Collingswood stands as a shining example of how assisted living can truly enrich the lives of seniors. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide assistance with daily tasks and ensure residents are fully supported while they enjoy doing the things they love! Call us today to see what special events we have planned for the fall season, as there is always something exciting going on for seniors at Collingswood!

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