Dining Deliciously

Dining Deliciously

Although life-sustaining at any age, healthy senior nutrition stands front and center at United Methodist Communities. Meal time brings socialization at any age, but is especially important for older adults as it yields opportunities for multi-sensory stimulation three times each day.

Eating well-prepared and visually appealing meals helps maintain and improve mental acuity, energy levels and resistance to illness. It supports a positive attitude, emotional stability and builds the immune system. The menus result from a strategic process and offer appealing cuisine for every season.

While our chefs and cooks thoughtfully prepare every meal, many other factors go into what’s on the plate. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, a registered dietitian focusing on the science of food, gives input on the menus, assures a balance of the food groups, recommends portion size, and other guidelines to optimize senior health.

At UMC, food science lives harmoniously with culinary creativity. Our chefs, graduates of Johnson & Wales University and Widener University School of Hotel and Restaurant Management and other academic institutions, engage in continuous education and training. Their passion, innovation and food-forward vision has birthed vegetable and herb gardens, Chef’s Table concept, Junior Chef Program, Chef Center Stage, interactive food events, and cooking demonstrations.

The chefs, most with 30+ years’ professional experience, involve everyone with the dining experience. Through Food Committee discussions at each community, the chefs welcome and gain knowledge of residents’ preferences and customs. With widespread food availability and access to nearly everything with minimal impact to authenticity and seasonality, the chefs can exceed these requests. These cooperative actions play a vital role in bringing fresh, innovative culinary ideas, leading to a culture of deliciously dining.

Signature Dessert

Our dining services team had a friendly competition to determine who had the best dessert recipe in the community. Watch the video below to find out which recipe won over the resident’s and associate’s taste buds!

Meet The Chef

We recently sat down with Gary Slattery, the Executive Chef at Collingswood, to learn more about him and his passion for food and senior care and services. These are his words.

Quality, Variety and Taste

Our menus offer a wide variety of made-to-order choices, with new and exciting options each and every day. Below, you can look through just some of the delicious meals our culinary team has prepared for our residents!

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