Physical Therapy for Seniors: 3 Major Benefits


Anti-aging secret #1: stay active. Losing muscle strength and flexibility can not only make daily tasks virtually impossible without assistance, but can also lead to more serious health issues down the road. Luckily, physical therapy (PT) is an active agent in preventing this. Regular PT can give seniors back their independence and make everyday tasks that much easier.

For more insight into the benefits of physical therapy, our short-term rehab team at United Methodist Communities has compiled a list of the three major advantages.

  1. Reduces risk of injury and falls. Falling is the number one cause of accidents that lead to severe injuries in seniors. What’s worse is once a fall happens, it’s likely that it will occur again in the future without proper treatment and prevention. Physical therapy is the most effective form of fall prevention. With physical therapy, seniors can improve their stability through different balance techniques and exercises. PT also helps correct seniors’ posture, ensuring they are strong and unwavering in any situation.
  2. Helps treat chronic pain. Many seniors experience pain from conditions like arthritis on a daily basis. PT helps loosen the joints and build strength to help offset painful symptoms. In addition, physical therapists can teach therapeutic methods designed to reduce the discomfort for those living with arthritis.
  3. Reduces the need for prescriptions. In reference to the above, if physical therapy can help ease chronic pain, then there will be less of a need for prescription painkillers. This especially applies to seniors with lower back pain, as there are a variety of medications prescribed for this issue. PT exercises like bridges, wall sits, and partial crunches, to name a few, are proven to alleviate lower back pain.

Regain independence with short-term rehab in Camden County, NJ

The more mobile and active seniors are, the better! As mentioned above, taking part in regular physical therapy keeps seniors strong enough to complete daily tasks on their own, while maintaining a healthy weight. At Collingswood, short-term rehab entails physical therapy from highly-skilled specialists with the goal of restoring your loved one’s independence. Our residents in short-term rehab also enjoy access to assisted living services, such as dining options, community events and group social activities with other residents.

Contact United Methodist Communities at Collingswood to find out how we are leading the way in short-term rehab care for seniors in New Jersey. Our dedicated associates can answer any questions you may have about all the senior care services offered in Camden County, NJ. For more information about short-term rehab across UMC, please visit our website at:

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