The Best Apps for Abundant Senior Living

Bonding while playing in the modern age

It’s safe to say smartphones and tablets are pretty standard at this point, for keeping in touch with family and friends more easily, especially during the pandemic. But there is another major reason why people choose to own a smart device: the apps! Apps are so much more than just silly games to download to pass the time now. There are apps that provide fitness programs, manage medications, and keep track of your blood pressure – just to name a few examples. 

With older adults becoming more tech-savvy, apps are just another ideal way to promote active aging. If you are worried about a parent, apps that track and monitor your loved one can bring you peace of mind.  If you are unsure of which apps would be beneficial to you or your senior family member, read on for thoughts from the experts at United Methodist Communities. 

Wordscapes for Cognitive Health

This free app is a challenging and addictive puzzle game that improves cognitive health through word recognition. Similar to the idea of Scrabble, the user is given a jumbled group of letters that they have to connect in order to make as many words as possible. After completing each level, users earn coins that they can later redeem for in-game hints if they become stumped.   

Keep Trainer for Fitness 

A lot of free fitness apps require users to buy a premium mode to unlock all app features. That is why Keep Trainer is so great, it is truly a free fitness app that can be used effectively without any in-app purchases. Keep Trainer has a wide array of exercises to meet every user’s expectations, whether they are experienced or inexperienced. Keep Trainer can also keep users on track by enabling pop-up reminders. Plus, the majority of exercises can be done at home, without weights or other heavy gym equipment – making this app the most convenient way to achieve each user’s fitness goals. 

Pill Boxie for Medication Management

The purpose of this app is to remind users to take their medications on time to promote a healthier lifestyle. Pill Boxie users can enter notes, such as time and dose taken, as well as how they felt after taking each medication. Users can also schedule reminders to pop-up on their smart device (even if the device is asleep) to ensure each medication is taken promptly. This information can be shared with the user’s primary caregiver in order to keep track of medical history more efficiently. 

Be My Eyes for Remote Assistance 

If you haven’t been gifted with 20/20 vision, Be My Eyes may be a godsend for you. Like the name suggests, Be My Eyes is a free app that makes the world more accessible for blind and low-vision people. The app connects users with sighted volunteers through live video calls. Through the video call, the volunteer can help guide the app user with a number of things, such as reading fine-print instructions or navigating a new location. 

Zoom or Skype to Connect with Family & Friends

If only we’d all bought stock in Zoom prior to the pandemic! At this point almost everyone is familiar with these communication apps, and the team at UMC is certainly expert at using these apps to their fullest. Zoom and Skype are the leading ways to video call friends and family almost instantly. Video communication is the next best way to keep in contact with loved ones in times of social distancing and quarantine. Scheduling a weekly video call provides your family some much-needed social interaction and connection during this unusual time. Now if only Zoom could do virtual hugs…

Technology is our Friend at UMC Collingswood

At United Methodist Communities at Collingswood, associates are available to help residents with apps on their smart devices. Our associates have the patience, compassion, and knowledge to connect seniors to the new ways of technology in order to promote the most abundant lifestyle.

For more information about the new uses of technology at UMC Collingswood in Camden County, or any of our other assisted living communities across New Jersey, please contact United Methodist Communities and book your visit today.


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