Prevent Age-Related Muscle Loss, Even During Quarantine!


During times like these, it’s easy to indulge in comfort food and set aside the importance of exercise. However, as we age it’s vital to maintain muscle mass, particularly during this time of self-quarantine. Age-related muscle loss is known as sarcopenia and can start at the early age of 30.

Muscle loss can contribute to a few related health problems like a low-trauma fracture, hip injury, and can impact your ability to recover from illness. However, the good news is that you can rebuild some of your muscle mass with simple lifestyle and diet changes.

Train your muscles

If you are used to training at a facility that is now closed, don’t stress — you don’t have to sacrifice exercise altogether. Even a daily 30-minute exercise routine in the comfort of your home can be advantageous to your health.

  • Stretch for a few minutes in the morning, if you are not sure how or what to do, follow this link on 10 Minute Morning Stretches For Seniors.
  • Set out 10 minutes for a light walk at lunch. This will not only strengthen your muscles but will help with digestion after your meal.
  • Following dinner, use light weights or a stretch band for 10 more minutes of exercise.

Some exercises that are easy to do include:

  • Heel raises
  • Squats
  • Marching, standing or sitting

Eat balanced meals

Protein is vital for muscle growth so include foods like chicken, turkey, white fish, oily fish (like salmon), tuna, and eggs to your daily meals. Replace white, refined grains that lack vitamins and fiber with whole grains like brown rice, bulgar, quinoa, barley, or oats. Fresh vegetables are also high in fiber. Opt for low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt, cheese, and cottage cheese.

We all like a sweet treat and there is nothing wrong with that, but try to save those cookies, cakes, and delicious desserts for special occasions.


Make it a priority to sleep at least seven to nine hours a day. Getting enough sleep is essential for helping maintain optimal health and well-being. When it comes to health, sleep is as vital as regular exercise and eating a well-balanced diet.

Limit alcohol intake

Drinking alcohol causes dehydration and can affect your muscle function. Women should have no more than one glass of alcohol a day, while men should set their limits at two. It is believed that the loss of muscle mass is inevitable with age, but the effects caused by sarcopenia are avoidable and can be prevented with proper lifestyle choices.

‍At United Methodist Communities in Collingswood NJ, we encourage our seniors to stay healthy and active during these times aiding them in every way we can. We have staff that is more than willing to assist any senior wanting to exercise. visit our website at

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