4 Tips for a Great Day Out With Your Senior Loved One

Passing on her pottery skills to Mom

Although it can be a challenge to find something different that you and your loved one can enjoy together, spending time with a loved one living in a CCRC or assisted living community is important, and many people love to do it. Here are 4 tips from the team at our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey:

  1. Get outside. While the weather at the moment may not be great, spending time outdoors when it warms up presents a perfect outing. Parks, open gardens, national heritage parks, beaches and more, offer favorite spots for every age, including seniors. This change in scenery will really be appreciated, especially if your loved one is no longer as mobile as they used to be. Just be sure not to pick an adventure more physically challenging than they can manage.
  2. Fairs and festivals. Check your local calendar for community events your loved one may enjoy attending. Concerts in the park, jazz evenings, craft and food fairs, markets and parades are all opportunities for a wonderful day or night out.
  3. Historical tours. Historical walks and heritage sites are great for seniors and families. It’s amazing to delve deep into the history of a town or area and learn about its past. While many tours are physically undemanding, some offer coaches, so people with mobility needs can be easily accommodated.
  4. Take a class. There are so many activities that welcome people of any age! So, if you’re feeling ready for something new, why not try a local class that caters to all ages? It can even be a fun family event. Some great examples include cooking classes, yoga classes and painting workshops.

Plan ahead for your day out together 

Many seniors need additional time and planning to ensure a successful outing, so it’s best if it’s not a surprise. Talk to them about what you’d like to do a few weeks in advance and keep them up-to-date about the event. On the day, make sure they have enough time to get ready, as you don’t want to make them feel rushed or confused. Check your loved one’s outfit so that they are properly prepared – this includes comfortable shoes with good traction, a walking stick if needed, medication if required, and warm item of clothing that can be added if it gets cold.

A warm and welcoming spirit at our CCRC in Sussex County, NJ 

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