What are my Loved One’s Options After a Hospital Stay?

Elderly patient and her daughter talk with home healthcare nurse

If your older loved one has been in the hospital due to injury, illness, or for an operation, the hospital may release them before they’re ready to come home. They might still need professional medical care or at the very least occasional supervision. This can leave you wondering, so what are the post-hospitalization care options for seniors?

As much as you might want to bring your loved one home and take care of them yourself, they may not be ready for that yet. Seniors often require a certain level of rehabilitation after a hospital stay, especially if they are on certain medications and have any unique medical or mobility needs. It’s best to trust their short-term rehab care to a professional.

Short term rehab options for older adults

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). If your senior loved one requires around-the-clock care after their hospital stay, a SNF may be the best option. SNFs often offer are short term rehabilitation services facilities where residents are under professional medical care for the duration of their recovery, including medication management, any daily exercises they should be doing, meal services, and other general medical assistance services. Some SNFs are covered by Medicare, so speak with your loved one’s Medicare representative to get all the details. 

In-home rehabilitation via home health aide services. This is when your loved one goes home immediately following their hospital stay, and home health aides visit your home to provide the care they need. In-home rehabilitation is covered by Medicare, and your loved one can recover in the comfort of their own home. Typical home health services include changing bandages, administering injections and medications, monitoring vital signs, and assisting with daily physical therapy exercises. 

Assisted living communities. Many people don’t know that some assisted living communities also offer short-term stay options for seniors who have just been discharged from a hospital stay. This is a great option if your loved one isn’t yet confident enough to go home alone. Assisted living communities have physical therapy rooms, around-the-clock medical professionals, and other specialists who will ensure your loved one’s rehabilitation is safe and comfortable. Ask your local assisted living communities about short-term rehab stays. 

Rehab after surgery: trust the professionals

It’s normal to believe that we are the ones who can provide our loved ones with the best possible care. But if your family member is in the hospital due to injury, illness, or to have an operation, they’ll need professional medical supervision and care when they’re discharged. This is especially true if they have wounds that need cared for, or if they’re on certain medications. 

You undoubtedly have daily obligations like work and children that will prevent you from being able to provide around-the-clock care. Additionally, your loved one will benefit from being under the supervision of a medical professional and it will ensure their healing process goes as smoothly as possible. Whether they can recover at home with support from home health aides, they spend a week or two in a SNF, or they prefer to recover at an assisted living community, your senior loved one deserves the best medical care. 

At United Methodist Communities, we have a network range of senior communities where we offer a variety of care options, from independent assisted living to 24-hour medical care. If you’d like to learn more about the rehab options for your senior loved one, or if you have any questions, please contact us today or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org

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