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The Benefits of a CCRC for Senior Couples

Portrait of a senior couple taking care of each other

If you think it may be time for your mom and dad, or your grandma and grandpa, to have some help in their everyday lives, a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) might be the ideal option. We know it can be difficult to have the initial conversation with your loved ones, but today’s CCRCs are a very far cry from the outdated stereotypes of senior living communities. When you visit UMC at Bristol Glen, you’ll find a lively, bustling community of seniors enjoying life in a safe, comfortable environment. 

Whether your older loved ones are completely independent and would simply benefit from living in a community of like-minded people, or they have certain medical needs and mobility limitations, CCRCs offer many different levels of care, meaning they won’t need to relocate in the future if their needs change. 

CCRCs are an excellent choice for senior couples

They can enjoy their retirement years together. After a lifetime of working hard, raising a family, and caring for everyone else, the retirement years should be an opportunity for senior couples to relax together, spend more time together, and even explore new hobbies and interests together. At a CCRC, they’ll be able to unwind and relax in a secure environment, while enjoying their freedom and engaging in a huge range of activities together. 

Plenty of space for two. As mentioned above, your older loved one may refer to outdated stereotypes about senior living communities. They may think that they’ll be squeezed into a tiny room with their spouse and that they won’t be comfortable, but at a community like our Bristol Glen, this is not the case! We have a range of apartments in different sizes, and we certainly have enough space for couples to live together comfortably. 

They’ll receive customized medical care while remaining together. All of our residents have unique medical needs, and we’re dedicated to meeting those needs and ensuring all of our residents have what they need to live a fulfilling, thriving life. Senior couples most likely have different medical needs, and they’ll continue receiving the care they deserve while living together, under one roof in a CCRC.

They can retain their individuality. It’s unrealistic to think that couples will spend every moment together, or that they’ll always share the same hobbies. While it’s true that many couples have shared interests and passions, it’s equally true that each person has their own identity and their own set of interests. While living in a CCRC, senior couples will have endless opportunities to partake in activities together or separately. Perhaps one person loves to spend their morning gardening, while the other prefers trying out a cooking class. At Bristol Glen, both partners will have the opportunity to pursue their interests.

Deciding how to best care for your aging parents or grandparents can be a difficult decision. You want to keep them close to home for as long as possible, but it probably isn’t possible for you to always be there to watch them and take care of them. We recommend having a conversation with them about moving into a CCRC, and it’s good to involve your whole family in the discussion. Explain that it’s important that they feel safe, cared for, and comfortable as they enjoy their senior years. 

At UMC at Bristol Glen, a premiere CCRC in Sussex County, your senior loved ones will enjoy independent living in a safe, secure, fulfilling environment. If you’d like to learn more, or if you have any questions, please contact our team today or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/bristolglen/

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