Spring Break from Five Second Graders’ Perspectives

Spring break!

United Methodist Communities at Pitman has been partnering with Wenonah Elementary School on Best Day of My Life So Far. The nonprofit’s mission is to reduce older adult isolation and promote intergenerational engagement through storytelling.

Pitman’s residents and one of the school’s second grade classes have been exchanging and sharing poems and stories for three school years. Teacher, Mary Krott, marvels that one of her students suggested they send Sharon Yesner, Pitman’s volunteer coordinator and Best Day leader, their spring break stories.

Krott reflects on the stories, “Maybe they will spark some memories of how exciting breaks from school were in our younger years. It’s easy to forget simple things like Easter baskets and egg hunts that were once so thrilling for us.”

Here are just a few:

My spring break was really amazing because I went to Virginia with my church friends. One place I went in Virginia was the Shenandoah National Park. We took a lot of pictures in the lookout views. I got a park ranger teddy bear at the gift shop.

Another place we went was the Great Falls. It is mostly like a river, not a waterfall. It was fast and also loud.

These are some of the places I went in Virginia. I had an awesome spring break.


My spring break was good and bad. It was good because I went to my grandma’s for a sleepover and I got to stay up to watch the Villanova basketball game. It took until 12:00! Something bad was that I could not have video games there.

Another good part was I got to watch Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle. Then I watched the ordinary Jumanji. So that’s what made my spring break good and bad.


My spring break was good. It was good because I got lots of toys in my Easter basket.  I got a squishy, bathing suit, scented eraser, and chocolate eggs. I also got some candy from the Easter egg hunt. Other people did not get that much because it only lasted like one minute.

My relatives came over to do it with me. We had a fun time but the best thing about my relatives coming over was all the good food. There was monkey bread and it was so good. That was the only thing I had for breakfast.

I also went to another Easter egg hunt and a party. I found the most eggs so I got six dollars. Another thing I did was sleep over at my cousin’s house. We went to a place called Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. We got to see animals that were injured but were getting healthier so they can go back to the wild. It was very fun.

That’s what made my spring break fun.




My spring break was bad, but also good. It was bad because I fell off my roller blades and I hurt my hand really bad. My spring break was fun because I got to go outside and play with my friends almost every day of spring break.

My spring break was also fun because I got to go to my aunt’s Easter party and it was very fun. My spring break was so amazing.


My spring break was wonderful! I went to Virginia and stayed in a hotel. Our hotel room was 425D. In Virginia I went on a ghost tour. A ghost was turning on and off a flashlight.

I went to Busch Gardens, which is an amusement park. I went on tons of rides. I also got cotton candy and two toy cats from gift stores.

I also went to Colonial Williamsburg. We watched a court from the old days. We did a lot of other things there. When I came back, I had a sleepover in my brother’s room. I stayed up past 2am.

That is why I loved spring break.



Read more at bestdayofmylifesofar.org

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