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Spotting the 5 Signs of Mild Cognitive Impairment

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As we age, our brains change just like the rest of our bodies. While it’s natural to notice a little forgetfulness as your loved one ages, it’s important to know the difference between normal signs of aging and something more serious — mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Here’s how to identify signs that indicate your loved one needs a little extra support, from our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey.

What Is Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)?

This is the stage between the expected cognitive decline (natural aging) and a more serious cognitive decline (dementia). As a result, many adults with MCI experience a noticeable change in mental abilities like memory, language, or judgment, but nothing severe enough to require assistance with daily living.

However, it is important to be aware of these symptoms, speak to your doctor, and watch for any further decline. They increase the risk for more serious cognitive issues that will make daily assistance necessary in the future.

5 Signs of MCI:

  1. Forgetfulness – Examples include forgetting a word or phrase, a familiar name, the route home, an important social event, appointment, or paying bills on time and other daily routines. 
  2. Losing Your Train of Thought – Forgetting what you were talking about or finding it difficult to follow a movie/TV/book plot, or a conversation.
  3. Difficulty Making Decisions – Those with MCI feel overwhelmed and struggle to make decisions or follow a set of instructions or directions.
  4. Poor Judgment – Making decisions that are out-of-character, impulsive, or with poor judgment.
  5. Emotional Issues – MCI residents can experience depression, apathy, anxiety, irritability, and aggression.

If friends and family exhibit any of these symptoms, it’s important to speak to a doctor. Seek support if the diagnosis is positive. While it doesn’t mean that you or your senior loved one should consider assisted living or a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), it may be wise to investigate your options and explore memory care and support.

The right assistance and appropriate management allows residents to live to their fullest potential and gives loved ones peace of mind.

Independent Living and Memory Care at Our CCRC in Sussex County, New Jersey 

Bristol Glen is a CCRC based in Sussex County. It aims to provide seniors with comfortable, serviced living options as well as memory care and support. Our continuing care retirement community residents enjoy a full continuum of care on one campus to ensure that care needs can be met.

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