In-Home Care Costs: What’s Included?

Many seniors would prefer to live at home, surrounded by familiar spaces, neighborhoods, friends, and family. As care or assistance needs increase, the cost can increase as well.  Here’s a helpful breakdown of in-home care costs from a leading New Jersey senior care agency.

A General Overview of In-Home Care Costs

Typically, in-home care ranges from $15 to $35 per hour, with the average cost of these services in New Jersey coming in at $26 per hour. This means that 40 hours a week will cost approximately $1040 ($4160). Assisted living, on the other hand, costs $6,650 per month

While this immediately shows that assisted living tends to be more expensive than in-home care, the real savings are in your ability to tailor the services you or your loved one receives, ensuring that you only pay for the care required.

How In-Home Care Costs Are Calculated

There are several different ways that an agency may structure the costs of their services, including:

  • Hourly rates – This is the most flexible and most affordable option. It’s a great choice for seniors who are largely independent, but still need some assistance at home on a weekly basis. For most agencies, 2-4 hours a day are the required minimum in order to support staff, which would come to about $1560-$3120 per month (depending on how many days a week are opted for care).
  • Daily rates – Per day in-home care is best for seniors who need more intensive help or care on a daily basis. The cost is built around the type of home care services required (more specialized services tend to cost more) and break time for caregivers. This averages out at $200 – $300 per day.
  • Overnight rates – Typically, overnight rates are lower than daily rates because the caregiving and assistance clients require is not as intensive. These services are used for seniors with dementia conditions who may become confused, people recovering from illness or hospitalization that need monitoring and assistance, and anyone who needs assistance for toileting, etc. On average, this service costs $120-$200 per night and covers 10-12 hours.

How To Make Living At Home Easier For Your Senior Parents

As part of the United Methodist Communities network, the HomeWorks program is designed to provide New Jersey seniors with expert in-home care and companionship at affordable rates. Our services are customized to each client and are provided by experienced, compassionate certified home health aides who have a passion for working with seniors. 


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