Health Care Workers – Our COVID-19 Heroes


We are all aware that some jobs are riskier than others, and it’s expected that the people who take on these jobs know and understand the risks. But what if your job suddenly became more dangerous?

That’s the situation millions of healthcare workers, providing medical care now face. Nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, EMTs, and many others have a strikingly higher risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus. While proper personal protective equipment (PPE), such as N95 medical masks, can minimize the risk of infection, PPE is still in short supply in most countries.

Not only do health care workers fear infection, but many have abnormally high and increasing demands to work longer hours. Every day, healthcare workers are put under enormous stress while having to make difficult decisions. Some are isolated from their families, putting their lives at risk trying to save others.

As we quarantine ourselves inside for the health of others and ourselves, we start to see who the real heroes are. Our heroes aren’t wearing capes — they’re wearing scrubs and face masks, uniforms, and badges. They are putting themselves at risk to do what needs to be done, to give us hope, and to provide us with a fighting chance. The truth is that the world has overlooked them for far too long. We know they’re not just essential — they’re fundamental and why now their dedication keeps our world spinning.

We acknowledge not only the health workers, but also the heroes who drive delivery trucks, clean cities, fulfill orders, and restock our shelves. They are keeping stores open, making sure our water is still running, so even when it feels like darkness, they shed light.

In times like these, seniors are greatly affected by stress. Fortunately, at UMC, we have an experienced team of expert, smiling faces that help make things easier.

Frank Kardashian, who served on the board for many years, is one of our great heroes. His dedication to United Methodist Communities began 15 years ago. Frank has a connection with our residents and enjoys seeing them happy. When asked why he continues to devote so much of his time volunteering, Frank gracefully said, “I feel grateful that God has given me these 80+ years to help people.” Thank you for all you do, Frank. We much appreciate you!

Another hero to recognize and thank is Sharon Schwarzkopf, our healthcare administrator. Sharon plays such a vital and essential role in these times.

We would also like to acknowledge the Steering Group, Corporate Board of Directors, Foundation Board of Trustees, executive directors and housing administrators. Their support, action, and response during COVID-19 have boosted the entire organization. They have shown resilience and determination during this pandemic.

Lastly, our front row fighters, our UMC nurses, doctors, cooks, and cleaners. Every day, you come to work kitted with your breastplate of righteousness, feet fitted with the gospel peace, and a shield of faith.

This time has shown us how selfless people can be giving so much of themselves even when they don’t have much left.

Let’s all stand together and say – heroes on the front line we see you, we hear you, we acknowledge you, and we sincerely thank you. Lets now all do our part to protect others by staying inside by cheering our heroes from afar by empowering them to do their best and by honoring their efforts.

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