Christmas Gift Ideas: 4 Fitness and GPS Trackers for Seniors

Wrinkled Hand with Fitness Tracker

With Christmas a little more than a month away, you’re undoubtedly busy handling a long to-do list and trying to find the perfect gifts for the seniors in your life. But where do you start? Fitness and GPS trackers make wonderful gifts for older adults, especially those with dementia. Sometimes, seniors who have certain cognitive conditions like dementia can temporarily feel confused, disoriented, or forget where they are. It’s common for them to wander off in search of a familiar place, or a place from their memories, even if it’s a memory from 30 years ago. 

GPS trackers and fitness trackers are an excellent way to keep older adults safe, prevent emergencies, and give their loved ones peace of mind. With that said, the team at United Methodist Communities has put together a list of some of the best tracking products on the market for seniors. 

  1. Garmin fitness smartwatches. While these can be used to track certain fitness-related statistics like steps taken, sleep patterns and heart rate data, Garmin smartwatches also provide location tracking and enable communication via smartphones, making them ideal for seniors who are prone to wandering. Caregivers can easily monitor the location of those they’re looking after with the associated Garmin smartphone app. The Garmin smartwatch is also lightweight, stylish and comfortable on the wrist with many different color options available. 
  2. Medical Guardian’s Freedom Guardian alert watch. Developed specifically for seniors, this device requires a monthly subscription and has many useful features for older adults: text-to-speech messaging, medication reminders, appointment reminders, GPS location tracking, and emergency SOS.
  3. GPS SmartSole shoe inserts. These shoe inserts are comfortable, water-resistant and can easily be slipped into most footwear. They allow caregivers to track the wearer’s location  by receiving email or text alerts via an app, and the battery life is around two to three days. 
  4. AngelSense GPS tracker. This tracker can fit seamlessly into a shirt or pants pocket. Caregivers can then use a smartphone app to access real-time data including GPS location, an “unknown place” alert, emergency alerts for first responders, and two-way voice tools that let the caregiver and the wearer communicate. 

Keeping Seniors safe at Bristol Glen 

Of course as a full service senior community serving those with dementia, UMC has even more sophisticated wander management and fall prevention systems. UMC at Bristol Glen and all our communities, embrace technology as a way to keep our seniors as healthy and safe as possible, and we’ve seen firsthand the positive impact that technology can have on older adults. Don’t believe the myth that seniors are reluctant to use technology. Our residents prove that myth wrong every day.

For older adults with dementia, advances in technology, including the fitness trackers and GPS trackers mentioned above, can enhance their quality of life, keep them safe, and enable their caregivers to provide better care. Fitness trackers and GPS trackers also allow seniors to retain their independent lifestyles because their caregivers can monitor them remotely, instead of needing to be physically present around the clock. Having an immediate connection to emergency services while using these devices is also very beneficial, because if the senior is alone and needs help, it’s critical that no time is lost when alerting first responders. 

For more information about United Methodist Communities at Bristol Glen, or if you have any other questions about technology support, please contact UMC today. Discover why so many people in Sussex County, New Jersey choose us as their trusted community for themselves or their loved ones.

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