Chrissy and Mabel – Dynamite Double Act


By Janet M. Carrato

Chrissy (Christine) Longcor and Mabel Davison, housekeepers in Bristol Glen’s Independent Living Residence, previously worked for the now-defunct Morley Shirt Company. Chrissy sewed linings into shirt collars, while Mabel turned the collars right side out and pressed them. Despite the close job descriptions, the two rarely came in contact with one another.

Almost 11 years ago, Mabel became an associate, recognized Chrissy and made the connection. Reflecting on this phenomenon, Mabel states, “It’s weird how things in life come back around.”

This duo, which spends more time with one another than their families, typically starts their day at 7:30am. They clean each apartment together, systematically rotating duties and always completing between 12 and 16 apartments every day. The give and take of their teamwork and friendship has led to a routine that would impress any efficiency expert.

Their supervisor, Assistant Building Services Director, Trevor Wilson says to Mabel and Chrissy, “You have too much fun. I don’t know why I put you two together.”

“Now, we sometimes finish each other’s sentences,” observes Mabel. Both share the same Zodiac sign and proudly agree, “Our mutual Scorpio traits include intense loyalty to family and friends — we stick together.”

Although they reliably get their work done, they always make time for residents. For example, they check on residents when they return home after extended time away, fix little things, open bottles, and reach items in high places. Since they’re almost always present, when alarms go off, they remain vigilant for first responders’ arrival.

During their personal time, Mabel and Chrissy even assisted Rosemary Owen, a resident temporarily unable to walk her dog while recovering from surgery last year. Maggie, her 13-year-old cocker spaniel, is one of the many animals at pet-friendly Bristol Glen.

BG Chrissy & Mabel 1
Rosemary benefits from walking Maggie outdoors several times each day.

Rosemary comments, “Mabel and Chrissy really care and listen. Maggie loves them both and they are special to me, too.”

The admiration is mutual. Rosemary sometimes bakes treats for Mabel and Chrissy. In turn, they give Rosemary hugs and kisses when she’s feeling low or having a bad day.

Chrissy, an associate of 17 years and resident of Wantage, states, “Maggie now lifts her paw on command, shakes your hand and then expects her doggie treat.” Mabel adds, “She even knows the hand signal for ‘it’s all gone.’ ”

The duo say, “We’re very protective of our residents and don’t like them feeling bad – we listen, let them vent, and then go back to work.”

Outside of work Mabel, who lives in Blairstown, likes to knit, garden, crochet, and gift homemade jams and pickles. She reflects, “We have some amazing residents — a lady who can’t see, but still manages to knit hats, for example.”

“The residents make my job very pleasant. I love every last one and each has touched my life, given guidance and honest feedback,” reflects Chrissy.

Chrissy likes to read and make jewelry. Recently, she and her son moved into a new house so they have been doing a lot of yardwork and sprucing-up inside to truly make it their own.

Chrissy and Mabel know a few residents who own Morley’s shirts and quickly add, “If anything is wrong with the collar, don’t blame us.”

Janet M. Carrato is Director of Communications and Public Relations.

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