5 Tech Innovations for Dementia Residents

Grey hair woman using modern tablet computer with smart house app

For people who have been diagnosed with dementia, simple every-day tasks can quickly turn into challenges. Some of these tasks are a matter of health and safety, like remembering to turn the oven off, taking medications at the right time each day, and remembering where you live.

Once someone is no longer able to rely on their own memory to keep themselves safe, their loved ones must start thinking about other ways to support them, whether it’s moving them into a dementia care facility, moving in with them, or using technology to ensure their loved one stays safe. We already enjoy the benefits of technology in so many areas of our lives, so let’s take a look at five tech innovations that help dementia patients.

  1. In-home cameras. While many people want to be there in person with their loved one who has dementia, it’s unfortunately not an option for everyone due to work commitments, school commitments, physical distance, and childcare obligations. In-home cameras allow caregivers to check in on their loved ones at any time to ensure they’re safe. Some cameras also have a voice feature that allows people to communicate back and forth for things like medication reminders. 
  2. GPS tracking devices. These are handy for caregivers who are worried about their loved one getting lost while doing everyday errands, like going to the grocery store. You can see where your loved one is in real time, and you’ll get alerts if there are any irregular movements. 
  3. Reminder messages. People can send messages to remind their loved ones to lock their doors, turn off the stove, take their medications, and much more. Every-day tasks we take for granted can sometimes be a struggle for those with dementia.
  4. Photo phones. When someone with dementia is in distress, they may not be able to remember 911, or any other emergency numbers. Instead, they can use a phone that displays large photos of their loved ones who they can quickly contact when they need help.
  5. Home care robots. It may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but researchers have created home care robots that can do certain chores around the house, remind people to take their medications, and monitor the home when no one is there. 

Compassionate dementia care in South Jersey 

At United Methodist Community at the Shores, we use technology in Tapestries, our dementia care neighborhood, to improve the lives of our residents and to keep them as safe and engaged as possible. From alerting us to falls and irregular movements, to connection with engagement technology, our associates are able to monitor and connect with our residents.

Technology can make life easier and more comfortable for those in memory care, and for their families as well. Embracing the latest tech innovations can ease the stress that often accompanies the decision to move a loved one into memory care. 

For more information about UMC at the Shores, our senior care community in South Jersey, please contact us today. Discover why so many people in Cape May County trust us with their loved one’s care. 

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