5 Myths and Facts About Hospice Care

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There are so many myths and misunderstandings about hospice care and what it means, and that can lead to people missing out on essential care that provides comfort and dignity. Here are some common myths and facts about hospice care, from the team at our hospice in South Jersey:

Myth #1 – Hospice only provides 6 months of care, so you must delay it as long as possible 

This misunderstanding arises from the process that evaluates a patient’s need for hospice care. A patient will only be recommended for hospice when two doctors perform an evaluation and determine that the patient is terminal with a life expectancy of around six months or less. However, this is an estimate that is used to diagnose care needs going forward – it’s not an exact measurement. As long as a patient meets these criteria, hospice care is available.

Myth #2 –  Hospice care just provides pain medication

Pain management is a priority in hospice care in order to keep patients as comfortable as possible. However, it is not the only service that is provided. Modern hospice care is incredibly advanced and deals with a patient’s needs holistically, providing symptom management and therapy, as well as social, psychological, and spiritual support. This is extended to family and loved ones as well, providing a setting and support system that includes nurses and doctors, social workers, trained volunteers, and more.

Myth #3 – Hospice means giving up hope

Hospice is not the hopeless place that often exists in many people’s minds. Instead, it’s a place that redefines this stage of life, providing expert support and care that prioritizes dignity and wellbeing to the very end. Through our programs and team, we provide patients and families with a place to gather and enjoy quality time together, where families can be assured that their loved one’s every need is being met in a comfortable, welcoming setting, and where patients don’t have to fear being lonely, in pain or helpless.

Myth #4 – Staying at home is always better 

Caring for a loved one who is terminal can be incredibly challenging and emotionally stressful. At hospice, patients have a team of caregivers to ensure that needs are met, allowing family and loved ones to spend as much quality time together as possible. Hospice care doesn’t just involve symptom management. Trained doctors and nurses also monitor patients to ensure that any other minor health complications are treated early, ensuring that patients stay as healthy as possible and avoid traumatic hospitalizations.

Myth #5 – Hospice is Expensive

Hospice is actually funded through Medicare/Medicaid benefits. It’s unlimited in length, and most private insurance plans offer coverage for hospice as well. In most cases, coverage includes hospice care, visits from doctors and other medical professionals, medications related to the patient’s terminal condition, as well as any supplies and equipment they may need (for instance, an oxygen tank).

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