4 Benefits of Seniors Having a Daily Routine

Smiling young woman enjoying talking to happy old father.

We all benefit from having a daily routine, but for seniors who are enjoying their retirement years, a daily routine becomes even more important. Once someone retires, they have a little less structure in their life and significantly more free time, so they may need help creating a new daily routine that gives them a sense of fulfilment and purpose. 

As humans we all need to feel a sense of certainty, and no one likes to wake up feeling aimless. If you have older adults in your life who have recently retired, we know they’d greatly appreciate assistance with creating a new daily routine for this new phase of their life. Here’s why having a routine is beneficial:

Reduces anxiety and stress for seniors

Are you afraid of the unknown? Many of us would answer yes. As people age, it’s normal for them to slowly lose control over certain things like independence, mobility, and cognitive abilities, and this loss of control can make older adults feel anxious and stressed. 

One way to combat anxiety and stress is to plan and create a structure, in this instance via a daily routine. If your senior loved one knows what is going to happen and when, as well as knowing that you’ll be there to help, this creates a sense of comfort and stability.

Promotes safety and security for older adults

For older adults who need assistance with certain daily tasks, like cooking, cleaning, driving, or attending appointments, creating a daily routine helps them stay safe and secure. This is especially true for seniors with memory issues. For example, if your aging parent tries to stand on a step stool to change a light bulb and they fall, how long will it be until someone finds them and they get medical care? Take a walk around their house and make a list of everything that needs doing, and let them know you’re taking care of it. 

Enhances senior sleep patterns

It’s common for seniors to have trouble sleeping, yet proper sleep is a critical part of remaining healthy in our older years. Many doctors recommend doing certain daily activities at the same time each day, like bathing and eating, to establish a sense of routine and to facilitate better sleeping habits. Sticking to a daily routine during the day and even having a specific bedtime routine at night can help seniors sleep more soundly through the night. 

Increases control over the day’s events

As mentioned above, we lose control of many parts of our lives as we age, but retaining a sense of control is important to our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. If your loved one is feeling anxious or bored throughout the day, sit down together and work out a daily routine, then do your best to stick to it. 

Daily routines in assisted living

There comes a point when it’s no longer best for seniors to remain in their homes, and if you feel you’ve reached this point with your loved one, it may be time to consider assisted living. Senior living communities provide a sense of structure and routine, while also ensuring residents remain safe and healthy with access to medical professionals and caregivers around the clock.

For more information about our senior living communities across NJ, or if you have any questions, please contact our team today. Discover how we can help create a successful daily routine for the seniors in your life by visiting our website at: https://umcommunities.org

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