3 Things Every Family Should Know About Hospice Care

If someone you love is about to enter hospice care, you and your family may have questions about what will happen, what hospice care includes, and how the process works. Hospice care is a type of palliative care for people with terminal illnesses, and the aim is to provide the person with the highest levels of comfort and dignity during their final months. 

Hospice care can be provided in the home by a dedicated hospice care team, or in a long-term care community if the person is no longer able to remain in their home. The choice to remain at home or move to a community is a personal one, and it’s often a decision the whole family makes together. In this article, our hospice care team will explain several key components of hospice care to help you and your family make the best decision for your loved one.

Hospice care is for everyone involved

When someone in your family is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it greatly affects the whole family. While it may seem that the immediate purpose of hospice care is to provide medical care to the person who has been diagnosed, hospice care teams actually work to ease the difficulties the whole family faces. 

Caring for someone with a terminal illness can become both mentally and physically draining. In-home care can lighten the load for family members who have become full-time caregivers by monitoring medication, assisting with routine care, and making sure your loved one is as comfortable as possible. Hospice care teams can also provide valuable resources for emotional and spiritual support, if needed, and keep the family up to date about next steps and expectations. 

Hospice care is provided in the location of your choice 

The top priority of hospice care is the comfort of the terminally ill person. Hospice care teams provide care in your loved one’s home, in assisted living communities, and in dedicated hospice care communities. There are many reasons a terminally ill person may want to remain at home, and equally, there are many reasons why that may not be the best choice for them. 

We recommend making the decision together with your loved one and with the rest of your family. Dedicated hospice care teams will meet you where you are to provide medical care, monitor and administer medications, and help create a comfortable, peaceful environment for your loved one. 

Medication and medical supplies are included within hospice care

Millions of families worry about how they’ll afford hospice care for their loved one. The good news is that hospice care is covered by Medicare, and medication and medical supplies are included in the hospice benefit. 

Some of the most common medical supplies are bandages, incontinence supplies, walking aids, wheelchairs, and hospital beds. These supplies and any medications will be delivered to your home for free, and the hospice care team will teach you how to use everything. 

You deserve to spend precious time with your loved one instead of worrying about trips to the pharmacy for medication and supplies. And thanks to the hospice benefit, you can do just that. Your hospice team will also be there to help relieve the burdens that come from being a caregiver, so you can focus on the valuable time you have left together. 

If you’d like more information about hospice care, or if you have any questions about any of our hospice care communities at UMC, please contact our team today or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/

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