Why You Should Look Forward to Retirement Living

Senior man having coffee with friends

When you hear the phrase “assisted living,” what comes to mind? For families with loved ones who can no longer safely live alone, or for older adults who have certain medical needs, assisted living communities can be a wonderful option. Unfortunately, some people still have very outdated notions of senior living communities. They picture strict schedules, idle time spent sitting around doing nothing, and a major loss of independence. 

Luckily, modern assisted living communities could not be more different than the senior living communities of decades past! Today you’ll find that many assisted living communities are bustling places full of life, activities, new experiences, and independent older adults who retain complete control over their own daily lives. 

Assisted living communities are often the best of both worlds: they allow seniors to continue living independently, while also offering necessary care services to those who need it. This combination gives seniors and their families much-needed peace of mind.

Here’s why senior community living is something to look forward to:

  • Opportunities to have many new experiences. Many assisted living communities are full of activities for residents, including exercise classes, cooking lessons, music and movie nights, arts and crafts, and much more. Whether you want to learn how to garden, learn a new language, or master the latest technology, your time in community living will be full of new experiences. 
  • Surrounded by like-minded peers, and maybe some who aren’t so like-minded! As the saying goes, life would be boring if we were all the same, and senior living communities are as diverse as they come. Meeting new people who challenge us to think in new and different ways is an important part of personal growth, and we’re never too old to stop learning from people with different perspectives.
  • Able to maintain your independence for as long as possible. One misconception about assisted living communities is that residents are no longer independent. At United Methodist Communities, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our modern assisted living communities are designed to encourage independence, respecting residents’ preferences and routines while also providing any care services residents might require on a daily basis. 
  • Access to any medical services you need. Most importantly, should your health needs change, or if you experience a change in mobility, you won’t have to relocate to get the medical care you need. There’s absolutely no need to uproot your life and relocate to a new community because most modern assisted living communities provide high levels of care, including skilled nursing and specialized memory support. 

Enjoying assisted living in Pitman NJ

Getting older is something to look forward to, not something to resist or to be afraid of! While many of us would love to be able to keep our loved ones at home as they age, it’s not always possible due to health issues and mobility issues. There may also come a point where older adults are simply not comfortable living alone anymore, and would rather live in a community setting with people their own age. 

When that time comes, assisted living communities like UMC at Pitman near Deptford NJ are an excellent option. We have a resident-directed approach, meaning each resident is in charge of their own schedule and receives the specific level of care they need. 

For more information about UMC at Pitman, our Gloucester County assisted living community, please contact our team today or visit our website at: https://umcommunities.org/pitman/

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