Indoor Gardening for Seniors: How to Get Started

old woman watering flowers

Are you interested in indoor gardening, but don’t have any idea where to start or what to do? For seniors in assisted living, outdoor gardening isn’t always an option due to space limitations or weather constraints.

Starting a small indoor garden is a great first step to enjoy this fun, new hobby in assisted living. And who knows, you may discover that you have a natural “green thumb!”

Did you know gardening also provides health benefits to older adults? In fact, according to the Alzheimer’s Society, taking care of plants can help people with dementia to retain some of their existing skills and boost confidence. In addition, having a small indoor garden gives seniors something to care for and look forward to every day, helping them fulfill a purpose. 

Here’s how to get started with an indoor garden:

  • Note how much natural light reaches your apartment. You don’t want to try and grow plants that need a lot of sunlight, if your space only receives a few hours of light each day. Luckily there are plenty of plants that grow indoors and only require a little bit of light each day, like succulents. Just ask a fellow gardener or your local plant nursery what they recommend for your situation. 
  • Make sure your garden is easily accessible. Don’t plant your garden in a place that requires you to bend down, stoop, crouch, or reach up high. You want to be able to access the entire garden easily while in a comfortable standing or seated position. The same goes for where you store your gardening tools, plant pots, and other garden supplies.
  • Avoid plants with spines (like a cactus), and plants that are poisonous to humans or pets or can irritate your skin. Although they may look lovely, certain plants have rough edges, sharp leaves, or spines that can cause injuries, especially if you accidentally fall onto them. Be aware of poisonous plants as well, and avoid anything that can cause unnecessary harm.
  • Keep it simple in the beginning. All gardeners begin somewhere, and we recommend growing a small herb garden if you’re a beginner. Herb gardens are an affordable way to grow fresh ingredients right in your apartment, and many herbs grow easily indoors. 
  • Have fun! Many people praise gardening as being a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable hobby. You can grow flowers that complement the colors of your decor, select stylish plant pots, and make the indoor garden totally your own.

Gardening fun in assisted living

UMC at Pitman, our assisted living community in Gloucester County, residents can enjoy a comfortable and private residential setting, while receiving the daily support they need. We encourage our residents to continue pursuing their hobbies and interests while staying with us, or to branch out and explore a new hobby they’ve always been interested in trying. 

Whether it’s indoor gardening, music, literature, or another hobby entirely, our community will do everything possible to make sure our residents have access to activities that make them feel at home. Our goal is for every resident to live independent, fulfilling lives and enjoy everything life has to offer at our community. 

For more information about Pitman, or if you have any questions about assisted living across New Jersey, please contact United Methodist Communities today. 

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