Celebrating National Grandparents Day

September 12th is National Grandparents Day! If you’re looking for some fun ways to celebrate these special people in your life, our assisted living team has put together some ideas that the whole family will enjoy. Whether you see your grandparents on a regular basis or only a few times a year, September 12th is a special day to look forward to.

Treat them to a day out full of their favorite things.

Grandparents are notorious for showering their grandchildren with love, affection, gifts, and generally spoiling them rotten. Wouldn’t it be nice for you to do the same for them? September is a beautiful time of year and if your grandparents enjoy outdoor activities, you can spend the day in your local park accompanied by a picnic lunch. Or maybe you want to have a girls day out and get your hair and nails done, followed by a trip to the mall. Whatever your grandparents enjoy, treat them to a day full of it.

Host a big family dinner.

We all lead busy lives and don’t always get together as a family as often as we’d like. Between work, school, and kids, it’s easy for weeks to go by without sitting down together for a family dinner. For National Grandparents Day, we recommend cooking all your grandparents’ favorite dishes and treating them to a special evening surrounded by loved ones. 

Join them in one of their hobbies or interests.

Many people have different interests than their grandparents. Perhaps your grandparents love gardening, painting, and watching old movies, but you aren’t really into those things. It would mean a lot to them if, on National Grandparents Day, you showed enthusiasm for their interests and joined them in their favorite activities. You can accompany them out in the garden for the day, then settle in for an old movie marathon while enjoying classic movie theater snacks together. 

Volunteer at an assisted living community.

It’s important to remember that not everyone has family, and even those who do may not have any family living nearby. Check in with your local assisted living community and ask if you can volunteer to visit residents who don’t have any family. It will be wonderful for them to have someone to spend time with, and volunteering at assisted living communities is a hugely rewarding experience for both you and the residents.

Independent lifestyles for seniors in NJ

Anyone who has ever tried to have a conversation with their aging parents about moving into an assisted living community knows how difficult it can be. Our parents are often resistant to the idea of assisted living because of outdated cliches and misinformation. They think assisted living means losing freedom, losing independence, and losing their sense of self. 

Luckily for our parents, senior living communities have evolved for the better throughout the years. Now, many assisted living communities are nearly indistinguishable from an average apartment complex, with a vibrant atmosphere, bustling social activities, and residents coming and going as they please. There are no strict schedules, no mandated activities, and people are encouraged to pursue new hobbies and maintain their independence for as long as possible. 

For more information about UMC at Collingswood, or if you have any questions about today’s assisted living lifestyle, please contact our team today. Discover why so many people in Camden County NJ choose our assisted living community for themselves and their loved ones.

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