4 Great Reasons to Start a Senior’s Book Club

Lovely elderly women reading books and talking

Our assisted living team in Gloucester County is often asked to recommend safe, interesting and sociable activities for seniors. A book club is a great example that so many seniors can enjoy! Here are some of the benefits and four tips on how to start one:

  1. It’s great for cognitive health. Cognitive decline and the development of dementia conditions is one of the greatest concerns for seniors and their families, and studies show, it’s vital to keep the mind active. Reading is fantastic exercise for the brain, activating areas concerned with memory, language, reasoning, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
  2. It’s sociable. Sadly, loneliness and depression are common among seniors, especially those who find themselves isolated after the death of a spouse or due to mobility issues. A book club connects people with similar interests, promoting conversation and creating a much-anticipated event to look forward to each week. Social connections enhance overall well being and health, boosting the immune system and creating a sense of purpose and belonging.
  3. It promotes quality sleep. Good quality sleep is important for restoring energy levels, boosting cognitive and physical healing, encouraging a good appetite, and increasing mental alertness. Seniors often struggle with sleep, often due to a decrease in melatonin – and television and other electronic stimulation doesn’t help. Reading is a good alternative, as it helps the reader unwind, relax, and go to sleep peacefully.
  4. It encourages learning. Seniors benefit as much as anyone else from gaining new knowledge, getting out of their comfort zone and gaining new perspectives. Books are a wonderful source of learning about the world, different cultures, different generations, and events. It’s all about learning in an informal, low-pressure environment where ideas and concepts can be freely discussed, and seniors can learn about the world through the eyes of other people.

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