How to Recruit the Best Hires for the Senior Living Field


The senior living field is a growing, vibrant space, so it’s no surprise that top providers are racing to recruit skilled staff members to form a part of their team! Here are some tips from our assisted living team in Gloucester County on how to attract top talent to your facility:

  • Look outside your industry. Organizations in the senior living field tend to look only within the industry when recruiting — but this means looking at a very limited pool. By turning to adjacent industries and providing that little bit of extra training, you’re able to access a much wider pool of talent. Also, by spending time and investing in your recruit, you’re building a stronger, more loyal relationship.
  • Tap into newcomers. While work experience is always a good thing, there’s a lot to be said for approaching local training organizations and getting the pick of new recruits. By providing your own on-the-job training and balancing this staff intake with seasoned industry specialists, you get the best of both worlds — experience and enthusiasm. Your new recruits will be ready to prove themselves and happy to put in the work needed to gain that essential experience.
  • Go online. These days no business can afford NOT to be online – and it’s important that your organization isn’t merely paying digital lip service either. Your website should be functional, look great and represent your brand – and it should be accompanied by a well-managed social media presence. LinkedIn is a great platform for professional recruitment, while Facebook gives your brand the chance to really express its values and character to attract vibrant new hires.
  • Change the focus of your interviews. The senior living field has changed a lot in the last decade or so, making it almost unrecognizable to the facilities of the past — and interviews need to take this into account. In addition to skill requirements, put a focus on finding hires who have high emotional intelligence, who fit into your workplace culture and would be a good fit with residents.

Instead of asking them where they see themselves in five years, ask them to share a story about why this industry is so important to them. A passion for caregiving and senior wellbeing is key!

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The team at Pitman is united by their tremendous sense of satisfaction in caring for, and having relationships with active, vibrant seniors. Our assisted living community offers associates an environment which upholds our faith-based, non-profit mission as the framework for everything they do, creating a supportive and focused environment. Our team also lives “the abundant life” we offer our residents by having a true sense of purpose when they come to work every day.

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