5 Great Reasons to Volunteer at Your Local Hospice!

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If you’re looking to give back to your community or take an active role in helping people, then volunteering at a local hospice can be a rewarding experience for you. Here’s why:

  1.   You’ll make a real difference. Volunteers make a meaningful difference in a hospice — they’re someone new to talk to, a positive and smiling face, and a great connection to the world outside. Just by spending time with hospice patients and their families, you’re giving a true gift and blessing during what is often a difficult time.
  2.   There’s a role for everyone. Whether you’re a social butterfly who loves meeting new people, someone who plays a great game of chess or you’re known for your incredible cakes and cookies, there’s something to suit every hospice volunteer. You can even help with administrative work, as every helping hand is appreciated!
  3.   It’s good for you too. Volunteering isn’t just good for the patients you help — studies show that volunteers also benefit. It’s linked to greater levels of happiness and wellbeing, knowing that you have contributed to something truly meaningful.
  4.   You’ll only do work that you’re comfortable with. For many volunteers, it’s common to feel worried that you’ll be asked to deal with tasks that you’re uncomfortable with or that connect with traumatic memories. However, you don’t have to worry! When you volunteer, you’ll work with staff to help you find the tasks that you enjoy — you’ll never be asked to do anything you’re uncomfortable with or that you don’t feel properly prepared to do.
  5.   It looks great on your CV. Few things look as impressive on your CV as volunteering — it shows that you’re a giving, compassionate, a team player and that you like to go the extra mile. Volunteering at a hospice is a great opportunity for anyone, but it’s especially impactful if you are planning a career in the healthcare industry as a nurse, doctor, senior care specialist, or administrator. You’ll make great professional connections, too!

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