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Month: September 2022

Your Diet and Parkinson’s disease

Published By mktagrp9 on September 13, 2022
Senior couple preparing salad in kitchen

Did you know there is research that demonstrates a link between diet modifications and being able to better control symptoms of Parkinson’s disease? Parkinson’s is a common degenerative neurological disorder that affects around one million people in America, most of them over the age of 60. It’s recommended that seniors who are diagnosed with Parkinson’s… Continue reading Your Diet and Parkinson’s disease

UMC MVP: Stephanie Flogaus

Published By mweinbaum on September 12, 2022

Each month, we will pick associates who go above and beyond in the community for UMC MVP. This month, in honor of International Housekeeping and Environmental Services Week, we’d like to highlight Stephanie Flogaus! Stephanie is a standout employee! She respects her job and the people around her. Stephanie comes to work and leaves with… Continue reading UMC MVP: Stephanie Flogaus

Objects in Motion, Stay in Motion

Published By mktagrp9 on September 7, 2022
Portrait of nurse and senior patient doing exercise at home

Newton’s first law of motion is true for everything and everyone – and seniors are no exception. If you want to continue to maintain your mobility, you need to keep moving! Here are a few easy exercises to help keep you fit and mobile from our team of home health aides at UMC HomeWorks. Benefits… Continue reading Objects in Motion, Stay in Motion

How to Respond to Dementia Hallucinations

Published By mktagrp9 on September 6, 2022
Woman spending time with her elderly mother

If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, they may experience seeing, hearing, or tasting something that isn’t really there. These experiences are known as dementia hallucinations. It’s important to remember that even though a hallucination isn’t real, it’s incredibly real to your loved one who is experiencing it. Keeping your loved one safe… Continue reading How to Respond to Dementia Hallucinations

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